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Those employees who own the business are the ones that step up to the hiring process

Those employees who own the business are the ones that step up to the hiring process

I'm a part-time leader in Atlanta. Actually, less than a part time leader - I am there when I can be but mostly I am running around the world doing other "stuff".

Our brand in Atlanta is continuing to grow. I am constantly going out and meeting people who know who we are, what we do and follow us on some sort of social media platform.

It's not by accident that we have grown our business there and it can largely be attributed to a few things:

  • The team picks their own team members: when they fail to pick the right person, they feel it as much as I do
  • The creative side to our business is outstanding. In fact, some of the CEO's of the largest advertising and design agencies in the world, have made comment to our clients just how impressive our design capabilities are. 
  • They are cheeky, sassy, naughty and creative. I love that! Not boring at all!
  • We have systems, processes and transparency that are second to none - clients love that.
The energy in this office is contagious. They are all smiling, happy, enthusiastic dreamers. They want to become someone and they are already on their way to making it. 

They deliver on what they promise and they stand by each other and have each other's backs.

I let them make all the decisions and when I am in the office, I am only there for training and development and the odd bit of mentoring. I adore them and respect what each person brings to the table. 

This model works and is ready to roll-out more offices around America over the next 12 months. Maybe my leadership skills aren't needed and that flat organizational structure actually really works.

Thank you team! I feel privileged that you are part of the Marketing Eye family!

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