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The future depends on what you do right now

The future depends on what you do right now

Like many other people around the globe, I am a huge fan of Ghandi. His memory lives on in my everyday life, as I surround myself with his powerful, insightful quotes that he chose to share with the world.

This quote rings very true to where I am sitting right now:

"The future depends on what we do in the present"

We have choices in life. We can choose to keep doing what we've always done, or we can go out there, be brave and achieve all of our life goals. But the realism of achieving goals is that they don't happen by just saying that you have them. They happen because you make them happen. You put in the hard work to turn what is just an "idea" or a "wish" into a reality.

My future depends wholeheartedly on what I do right now. I have made so many changes in my life in the past year that I am only now realising the power that lies in my choices for the future.

I never wanted to be ordinary or live a life that was unfulfilled. I want and live for excitement - not in the form of most. My excitement comes from helping others that don't expect it, and from kicking career goals. 

My career goals are not over the top, but they work for me. I have a business plan and I am just working hard to fulfil that business plan. It is incredibly important to me that I finish it, because I often lose interest before something is completely finished and this is my one opportunity that I have documented from start to finish, that I can complete 100%.

Today is the day before I head off on a work trip to the US. I will be spending 3 weeks mainly in New York, but also Atlanta. I have a huge affinity with both of these cities and although I have shied away from New York over the past 2 years for personal reasons, I am ready to put my feet firmly on Central Park and start running. It's an exciting time of the year for me as we are powering up for that huge growth phase, taking the business from one level to the next. 

I spent months being scared of this growth, living in fear that when it happens, something will go wrong. But it's happening alright and NOTHING has gone wrong. Funny that. How many of us don't do things, or stand back from the crowd in fear of something failing? 

Today I start my day with sheer determination to make the world a better place, take more risks in business and keep being excited about my wonderful journey in life.

To do list:

  • Set up 20 appointments in each of the locations that I am travelling to that is not already in my diary
  • Dress the part. If I want to be successful, I need to dress successful
  • Use every minute wisely without exception
  • Take every opportunity that crosses my path with enthusiasm even if I don't know the outcome
  • Laugh, get excited and enjoy this wonderful world we live in.

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  • Giulia Marchetti
    Giulia Marchetti
    10 Mar 2016

    Such as positive attitude is not common, you’re inspire me, thanks you for that.

    From my point of view, everyone can dream but only the most brave, talented, people and who can persevere will achieve their goals.
    Most of the time is hard, firstly because you need to know yourself, to understand what you’re able to do, what you can do best, to recognise which are your strengths, weaknesses and how to improve them.
    Reaching your goal can also be hard because life not always goes in the way you aspect it, and new priorities could make you change mind.
    I should also mention that we are human being, we make mistakes, we prefer to live in our confort zone, we don’t take enough risk, we make the wrong choice and not aways we are able to learn from it and start over.

    However, as i said, it is hard, but not impossible, in fact there are lot of people that made their dream come true, you seem to be one of them, and no matter how hard it will be or how long it will take, I am working hard every day in order to be one of them as well.

    31 May 2015

    I strongly agree this point. "your next step/fortune must be determined by each decision you making before.

  • ramet
    25 May 2015

    I enjoyed reading this blog.