What is old, is new

If you are constantly challenged by the fast pace of change, then don't worry - so is the rest of the world. We are all in catch up mode and it isn't something that too many of us like, until we catch up and realise that we were worried about absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I find that the old way of doing things is actually the new way. If you look at the basics in business of leading your team, watching cash flow, paying your taxes, recruiting 'mates'... it all still makes sense today. While there are different ways of leading teams, I think you will still find that old fashion good manners, truthworthy approach and determination to do a good job - won't go out of fashion, and can never be replaced by the new shiny toy.

Watching cashflow killed a business I know a few weeks back, so while we have to get out there and sell our products and services, and quite often ourselves, we don't have a business if we don't have cash in the bank. 

A surety in life is death and tax. My grandparents always told me that, and it still rings true today.

And recuriting....well, let's face it, with all the technology in the world, and "best" ways of doing things, we still can't keep people in our stables for long enough because it is proven that millennials move around often. Employing 'mates' isn't what you would normally think the word to mean. Mates is simply people you like, who like and respect you - flaws and all. Those who are happy to have a beer with you, and work hard to get a job done.

Anyway, it is food for thought. Change is imminent, but there are some things that never go away.

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