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How many people have had this said about them?

How many people have had this said about them?

Cleaning out some old boxes on the weekend, I found a few things that took me back down memory lane. In particular, something that showed me that where I am today, was where I was always going to be.

We each look at our lives and depending on how clear our memory is or in most cases, our version of events, we may sometimes realise that we were meant to be where we are, or that due to a sliding doors moment, everything changed for the better or worse.

I found a number of things that were interesting and in particular my reference letters from old bosses. How many people today actually get references from their bosses rather than their colleagues. I don't recall receiving a resume in the past 10 years that had a reference that wasn't from a friend or colleague, when someone has applied for a job. Interesting.

Remembering that I started my first business at 25 years old, this old reference was interesting:

"She is very intelligent, self motivated young lady who constantly maintains a very high standard of professionalism. She is reliable, punctual and her presentation exceptional."

Well, thank you! I'm not sure what the feminists would say about being called a "lady" or "her presentation exceptional", but back then, things were different, and I remember thinking that this reference was glowing, kind and made me feel like I had accomplished what I set out to achieve in that particular role.

I worked incredibly hard, and always did whatever I could to ensure that the company was very professional in all of its communications internally and externally. I never turned up to work late, nor did I dress without stockings and court shoes. 

What was also interesting is the word "self motivated". A standard for anyone wishing to become an entrepreneur in the future, although at the time, I didn't realise that this was the career path of choice.

Another reference from that era:

"Mellissah is a self starter, enthusiastic and dedicated, and extremely loyal and most responsible."

I never showed this reference to anyone. Do you know the reason why? The word "enthusiastic". I thought in my mind that if someone was enthusiastic that they were trying to be good at something but never quite made it. How wrong was I? Interestingly, the words "extremely loyal" is something that everyone around me would say about me throughout my entire life. I am the person that has everyone's back and I try to teach my staff to do the same. Loyalty however, is a thing of the past with a generation of people not identifying with the word or its meaning. I feel that is sad, but another part makes me realise that the "me too" approach to careers that has taken precedence these days is here to stay, and I can either go against it, or support it. I choose the latter. 

Also, "most responsible" was true. Even though I was extremely young and I don't know if I could say anyone else I know at this age could take this title, I certainly could. I was 21 years old, yet I had an old school approach to everything I did, and to my parents credit, they always use to say to me "If you are going to do something, do it well, or don't do it at all". My old bosses in every job I ever had could 100% rely on me to not only do the job, but do it well, and think about how I could do it better.

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