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From lingerie to cashmere sweaters: how one fashion designer made her mark

From lingerie to cashmere sweaters: how one fashion designer made her mark

For anyone interested in becoming a fashion designer, there is one thing you need to know, and that is "the numbers"

Well-known Australia fashion designer, Sophie Moran, has made her mark with her namesake brand, by not only being a great designer and understanding the market, but also, keeping an eye on the numbers.

First big deal, David Jones

From designing her first lingerie line which were David Jones was her first big buyer, to where she sits today, as the designer and owner of Sophie Moran, a cashmere knit and shirt range, its been the numbers that have been her game changer.

Not always realising the importance of numbers, after a career at Bendon, Sophie found her biggest and most exciting learning curve with Geelong based retailer Cotton On. There she learned not only about pushing her designs to the limit and understanding the market, but also production and importantly designing for the numbers. Understanding how numbers impact design was one of the most fulfilling parts of her role at Cotton On and singularly one of the best lessons she has ever learned in the fashion industry.

From family business to fashion design

Sophie didn't always know that she wanted to be a fashion designer. In fact, her famous family business, Moran Furniture, saw Sophie study interior design, while her brother James went straight into furniture design and manufacture. 

Spending years in Italy gave Sophie a firm a appreciation for great design, and quality fabrics, which as a serial entrepreneur, ensured that this knowledge and passion became the foundation of her first line of clothing, which was lingerie. 

However, it was after her stint at Cotton On when she experienced shopping for a cashmere sweater as the reason to why she would start her second company. The sweaters she tried on didn't fit well and were unflattering, and like any true entrepreneur, she knew that this feeling of not fitting well would not be something she experienced alone.

Cashmere Sweaters with love hearts

Sophie Moran started out as a cashmere sweater brand with the trademark love hearts and has extended to many designs that are regularly sold out in stores, and have friends and family knocking on her door. Each year, she travels and pushes her design limits, giving customers clothing that becomes a staple in their closets.

If you would like to check out Sophie Moran's fashion line, and read the latest edition of Marketing Eye Magazine for 'Her Story'.

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