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10 Reasons why you are not where you thought you would be

10 Reasons why you are not where you thought you would be

Every day I sit at my computer early in the morning before the team arrives at work, and I think about how I can get the most out of my day. I have a 'to do list' like everyone else, but I always make that secondary to what the overarching goal is for the day that I am about to have.

I'm an entrepreneur, so while I don't work late into the night and always finish by 7 pm no matter what, I work an 11 or 12 hour day. During that time, I don't waste a minute. I am strategic in what I do and how I do it. Sometimes, the unexpected rattles me and I don't particularly deal with that the best way I should, but it is a work in progress and as long as you are aware of it, you can always be on the improve.

I am surrounded by high achieving people. Everyone around me inspires me and makes me want to reach for my goals and never stop until I achieve them.

With a lot of thought, I moved aside people I don't admire and respect, partly due to their life choices or values that are not shared. It took a load off my mind, and allowed me to move forward in a very clean, uncluttered way. I have heard other people do this in the past and I thought that it was a ruthless move, but it isn't. You are doing them a favour because they don't need your judgement, and it's one less thing that you have to think about giving you all the more reason to focus on why you are on this planet and what you are going to do while you are here.

As a soft A-Type personality, I find myself very focused on doing the things that need to be done to achieve my goals, prove a concept or showcase capabilities. I work extremely hard while I am in the office, and I strive for excellence in everything I do.

There is something that I am noticing as I climb higher, and I find some others falling to the way-side, or complaining about why they are not where they thought they would be.

Here are 10 reasons that I think are why people are not where they want to be:

  1. Someone did you wrong (or at least you thought so) in the past and you are dwelling on it years later. Instead of moving on, or doing the work to ensure that you resolve your feelings in your head, you are stuck in the past, and it gives you every reason not to be where you hoped you would be.
  2. You fear failure or not being good enough, so while you dream of achieving your goals, you don't action them out of fear. 
  3. In your mind you work hard, but it is an illusion. When you have a goal, 9 to 5 isn't always the best option. You have to be prepared to pull your sleeves up and work hard.
  4. You start things, but rarely finish them before moving onto the next thing. Always finish everything you start and never start multiple businesses or challenges at the same time. You mind and capabilites will be diluted alongside with time, which is critical to success.
  5. You are a dreamer, not a doer. A 'gonna' person or someone who dreams big, but never does anything with that dream. If you fall into that category, know that 'if nothing changes, nothing changes'.
  6. You have a big, fat wall up to protect yourself from being vulnerable or showing the true you. You are running scared and that is the biggest reason why many fail. That wall needs to be broken down and only you can do it. No-one else can do it for you.
  7. You weren't born rich and so you put everyone else down who has been. You run in the right circles but can't quite live up to the lifestyle and it pisses you off. Get over it. Get over you. Run your own race, not someone else's and never, ever put someone down just because they are born more fortunate than you. That just shows how insecure you are and how much you need to learn before getting to the top.
  8. Tomorrow you will change... well, tomorrow may never come. It's just like people on diets starting on Mondays. PLEASE!!!!
  9. A challenge comes your way and you fall over. You think it is insurmountable. You hear the stories from others where they ask for investment from 100 people and only the last person says yes. This never giving up mentality is what makes people successful.
  10. You are caught up in your own lifestyle and it has overtaken you. You forgot what you dreamed of achieving and all you can think about is nice cars, houses, boats etc. But your dreams and aspirations - somewhere they were left behind. Your 'why' faded at some point in time and everything became meaningless.

Everyone doesn't have to be the same, but you do need to have a purpose, a dream and a reason for doing the things you do. Living a shallow, entitled existence won't make you the person you want to be. If any of these traits describe you, have a think. What do you want out of life? What is your purpose? Are you walking around just hoping to be liked or are you achieving great things. Are the people in your life adding to it, or on the 'take'.

Never fear success, or worry that you are not good enough. Work on yourself and become the best version of yourself... then look in the mirror and see what you see.

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  • Janice
    22 Feb 2017

    Very inspiring article!! This definitely hits me like a brick. I particularly agree with the idea that no one is able to pull you back unless you let them to. It is very true that one's future is in the hand of his or her own and we are what we decide. Therefore, it is important for us to not underestimate every single step that we are going to take.