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What does your brand look like from the inside?

What does your brand look like from the inside?

I am not a big mover in life, other than the fact I lived in hotels for a couple of years. I like my creature comforts and am simply too lazy to move house. I tend to stay in any one home for 4 years or so. Same with business. In 17 years, I have moved only a few times in each city. There are many reasons for this; size of business at the time, end of leases, owners wanting to tear down building and make them residential.

As luck would have it, both Sydney and Melbourne leases came up at the same time. Sydney first, and we needed more space so it ended up being perfect. We moved to Williams Street and now have a view from every room of the harbour. Everyone is happy and they love all of the windows and the ability to get caught up in just how beautiful Sydney is.

In Melbourne, the owners of the building are turning it into a residential tower. We were one of the last to move and it was such a last minute rush, but once again, we found a big office with great lighting and everyone seems to be incredibly happy.

Now we are talking interior design. How do we want it to look and feel?

Melbourne reminds me of an Incubator or Startup environment. It's kind of cool and I can see how everyone is really happy with their new environment.

Both destinations have yet to have an interior designers touch. That is the next step and I am looking forward to that moment when everything is as it should be.

The third place I am involved in where we are about to move into is The World Incubator, at Wherry House in Charters Towers. They are in the process of painting the walls white and putting down floor boards. This startup environment is going to be amazing in every way and I can't wait to turn it into one of the coolest startup centres in Australia, if not the world. 

The building carries history and to be able to make new "history" with turning Charters Towers into a leading example of rural entrepreneurship is exciting for everyone.

Working out how the desks are going to look, where plants need to go etc., is so much fun.

But... the thing that each office, no matter where it is located has had to think about is brand. We know what our brand looks like to the rest of the world, but about when they come into "our world"? What does it look like then?

Clients now walk past many desks to get to the boardroom. They can see people working away. It's really quite different to before. How clean everyone's desks are, where there are plants and books - all are important to our brand. We are at the moment working on what inspirational quotes are going on the walls. Should it be our own originals, or people that have inspired us. We are very much an original company, innovative and forward thinking by design - so we probably will have our own quotes. 

Signage went up the other day. It's all happening. It matters to us now more than ever what our brand looks like from the inside. We have grown and evolved and no longer can use the excuse that we are a young company, to not invest in our own offices. 

I can't wait to share an insight into how we look from the inside in the future.

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