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Today I bought a building | Marketing Eye

Today I bought a building | Marketing Eye

The most incredible thing happened today. Exactly 3 years since I bought my house, I bought my dream office. 

I coincidently was driving past the building when I noticed a real estate agent closing the gate. I was being a sticky beak so I drove up to the real estate and asked how much they wanted. He said he wasn't sure. I then asked what was the gauge. It was less than I imagined, so my head went into overdrive.

I didn't really think I would buy it because it wasn't good timing, but when is it ever good timing? I have spent my life waiting for good timing and it certainly has never done me favours. What I have realised is that you need to trust your gut instinct. 

So, I rang my bank this morning and asked them what they thought. They asked me to tell them what my gut instinct was. I realised in that moment that it was wise to buy the property.

I am not a good negotiating so I brought along my internal accountants to do so on my behalf. It was amazing to watch them in action. They were phenomenal! 

An hour later I walked away, the owner of my dream property. A place that my office would call home for the rest of time. It was such an exciting moment for everything because it means no more moving offices when a building owner decides to develop. 

No more upheaval. I am relieved.

But best of all it means that I can invest in the space in which we work and make it beautiful. I am over the moon happy. Thank you universe for making this possible. This is the start of an amazing journey!

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  • Annika
    26 Sep 2018

    This blog shows the reader that Marketing Eye is making progress and investments like a great office space to do their best work. Additionally, I’m sure it is relatable with so many leaders in other companies who have dreamt of having a better space to work in. Perhaps it would be worth it to dive deeper into the thought of how this new office and it’s environment will affect the work that is done as a healthier environment promotes more productivitiy.

  • Nick Giordano
    Nick Giordano
    26 Sep 2018

    This blog outlines the importance of following your gut feeling. Throughout life, everyone is faced with difficult dilemmas in which they simply do not know what to do. One can spend hours and hours thinking about the options and convincing themselves one thing or another, but when it truly comes down to it, everyone should always follow their gut. Other people will chime in their own opinions and may tell you what to do, but always do what you think you should do. Do not let the concerns of others or even yourself drag down what you think to be the right answer.

  • Stephanie Petrolo
    Stephanie Petrolo
    14 Sep 2018

    Congratulations Mellissah and to all the team at Marketing Eye. This is no doubt the beginning of an exciting chapter in the illustrious Marketing Eye novel. How fantastic that you have a place to create new memories and an even more personalised, creative work environment.
    It just goes to show, going with your guy instinct isn't a bad option at all!