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New hires, new clients and a whole lot to celebrate about

New hires, new clients and a whole lot to celebrate about

What's not to love about Monday's? If you are anything like me, you arrive at work all bubbly ready to tackle the week ahead; refreshed and excited about what can be achieved.

This week is going to be huge. We have two new hires starting today in our Melbourne office which is incredibly exciting. Welcoming new people to the team is always one of my favourite parts of working at Marketing Eye. We thought long and hard about the two people that we have hired and they are the perfect mix for our company. We also interviewed another last week, who we intend to onboard, most probably after the break.

Usually I am fairly organised about new hires. I make sure that I have a bunch of flowers ready for them on their table. I haven't quite worked out a "boy gift" yet, but I am sure that will come to me at some time. They get to meet our incredible team who are so talented that I literally want to jump up and down with pride at how much they accomplish and bring to the table.

Leading into a short month, with new hires onboard there are a few things to consider:

  • Don't overwhelm them with too much information that they may forget after the holidays
  • Make sure that every one meets them on the team and gets to spend one-on-one time getting to know them better
  • Collaborate on something, so we all can see how the team gels
  • Give them holiday reading that is fun, not boring. Perhaps in our case about other entrepreneurs giving them the opportunity to get an insight into the difference between working for an entrepreneur as opposed to working for a big corporate
  • Share the company goals for 2016 and get them to read through the next years' marketing strategy - and add input if they so desire
  • Take them on them on the journey of how next year is going to look and ask them what they think would make it even better
  • Onboard them in style - we are in marketing afterall
  • Keep bringing them into the conversation. It's easy to get caught up in normal work and forget that there is a new kid on the block that wants to know more.

I am determined to make the lead up to Christmas the best ever before I head to Europe skiing for 3 weeks and then the US for work. With only 3 weeks to onboard new clients, we have an ambitious desire to have another 20 new clients in Australia signed up, ready with their marketing strategy in hand for 2016.

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