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What's going to make you be proud of what you achieved today?

What's going to make you be proud of what you achieved today?

I had a bit of a sleepless night last night and I am not quite sure. I don't have any real worries and life is treating me very well of late. They say if you rid yourself of negativity or people that don't fit your core values whether they are someone you are in a relationship with, friends with, or associates - life becomes a lot more authentic and clean.

After meeting up with a young woman with a new mobile app late yesterday afternooon, I was once again inspired by what a difference we all can make to people's lives around us.

Dashing off to the US

She is dashing off to the US to be with a friend that is ill. She doesn't have to and I am sure there are other's that could be there, but 'girlfriends' matter and being there for people who need you is a sign of what type of values you possess.

I believe in kindness through and through. I always want to do what is right. I find it hard to deal with people who are not of the same basic values and lack manners. But truth be known, many of these things come from our parents and rarely are we able to escape that. I grew up in home where manners were everything. Respect was a given and you should always take the shirt off your back for someone who needs it more.

Charitable in public, but lack values

I sarcastically laugh at these people that promote themselves in the media as being charitable when they lack values and don't help their families or friends in need. When someone is sick, they are the first to fly off. It says something about them. Respect and manners is something no-one can buy.

As I have gotten older, my respect for my Mother, Father and Step-Father has increased enormously. They set me up for life in a way that I did not appreciate when I was younger, but now as I have grown up, I have realised that these things that they gave me are something that money cannot buy.

It's simple to say please and thank you

I still feel like pulling people up that don't say please or thank you. Some people (usually narcissists) don't even say hello or goodbye. It's unbelievable. Where these things not basic manners that you had as a child?

A very rich friend's friend has fallen on hard times. Instead of being there for them, they no longer speak. Who does that? But people the world over do. Some people don't care. Some people don't do anything where there isn't something in it for themselves - and that is incredibly sad.

Good parenting and bad parenting

But that is parenting. All of my brother's possess the same set of values as myself and good manners. They always jump up when a lady leaves a table, open doors for women, and in general do what any gentleman should do. Fairly basic stuff really.

Today, I have come to work thinking about not what I am doing today, but what I can do to make myself proud of my achievements. They way I handle my role as a leader, or speak to a client or friend. What is it in my actions today that will make me proud? 

If we all thought like this, wouldn't the world be a better place? 

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  • Elizabeth Tran
    Elizabeth Tran
    23 Mar 2016

    This was really a good read! I'm a young person, and I admit there are some things in life that I take for granted, especially what's been given to me and taught by my parents. I used to be very narrow minded, sensitive about what others thought of me, and always kept things to myself, and this wasn't a good thing for me in the past where I was always hanging with the wrong crowd. It wasn't until I realised I had a dream, and I needed to work hard to achieve that dream, and that crowd I was in wasn't going to get me there. Now, I'm going down the right path, with the right people, and I have no regrets.

    Overall, reading this blog post gave me the chance to reflect on myself, and think about what I've achieved so far, and what I want achieve next in future. So thanks Melissah for sharing!

  • Olivia Jia
    Olivia Jia
    12 Nov 2015

    It's quite refreshing to see such a post from a woman obviously in a position of power, and who is able to recognise the value of simple manners and basic courtesy- something that seems to be in short supply these days.
    My own beliefs parallel these, believing that small actions and words can hugely impact those in your life. Often, I find, your influence is far more significant than you imagine, and can either have a far more detrimental or positive effect than anticipated.
    This positive and holistic approach to life is one that I would personally advocate, and attempt to live by.

  • natalie tang
    natalie tang
    19 Oct 2015

    I believe when one rids off negativity from their lives, and obtain more positivity, things get better, and life changes. For this, I can't agree more. I am a believer that when you think positively, good things will come eventually. So never give up on the good.

    As a child growing up, giving respect to the elderly and having manners is the utmost important virtue. I have came across many people in my life that doesn't seem to have that virtue and it sometimes tick me off. Without respect for others, no one will ever respect you.

    I truly believe that ones manners towards another is through nurturing. As parents, it is their responsibility to enlighten and illuminate their children with positive energy and righteousness. I have witnessed first hand on how my dad proves himself to be a real charitable person. He is now part of a committee that tries to help the poor primary school children that can't afford their meals at school. First, they would have to go to every school to ask the principal for a list of names with children with families whom are incapable for providing them. However, not every school principals are welcoming, which makes it harder for them to help. But I believe in these though situations, they are still trying their best to provide them a more comfortable life. That is why I am forever grateful towards my parents for teaching me such a valuable ideal in life.

    What would make me proud of myself is the righteousness and virtue I stand for in life, which is to always offer a lending hand for someone in need.