How to create a high energy pumping marketing agency culture

Wow! How time has flown. This incredible thing happened to me on Friday and today I found out why Marketing Eye Sydney has finally found its soul and place as a high energy, high performing culture amongst an international marketing firm that breeds marketing professionals.

What Marketing Eye Sydney in the past was lacking, has now well and truly been layed to bed. It's not that the people were not good enough, or nice enough - it's just that when they hired each other, they didn't really think things through enough. Their biggest complaint was always how quiet the office was, and I can attest to that. People worked hard and rarely talked to each other. Having our technology team in the Sydney office didn't help and the graphic designers were introverts - so that added to creating an environment that was quiet. Now some people love that, and some don't. I personally like a bit of both.

Enthusiastic, fast moving, energetic, talkative bunch

The change I have seen with bringing in a startup team ready to launch Robotic Marketer into the Australian market place, is an enthusiastic, fast moving, energetic, talkative bunch of marketing executives who are really ready to make their mark on the marketing world.

They have something to bring to the table and are really exciting to work with - thus, the energy that is flowing freely and abundantly in the office.

We overlook Sydney harbour which is an added bonus. What is not to love about a great view of the harbour? But it really is so much more than that. You can have the best view, but if you have people that have glasses half empty, then they bring you down. In fact, they are culture killers.

I always say that they should work for the Government because that is a place that doesn't mind having people who aren't happy with their lives and often they have power to ruin other people's days which they feed off.

So, how do you create a high energy culture?

  • Culture check your team before they are given a job offer, and that includes doing culture checks on your current staff. What is most important is that everyone gets the most out of each other, and they know that working as a team is better than working as one.
  • Psychological profiling of your team is imperative to finding the right mix.
  • Did they lie on their CV? Were their references colleagues and not their bosses? If they were their supposed bosses, did they give mobiles and not the office number?
  • Test energy levels. Use psychological metrix to ascertain whether they have the ability to be excited about something that they will be doing, or whether it is no big deal. You want people who are excited, and they bring that feeling to the table.
  • Smile at them, and see if they smile back. If they don't... they won't walk in the door and say hi to their colleagues and when a client smiles at them, they will most likely feel awkward.

This new era of Marketing Eye Sydney, a startup feel with 15 years under our belt is terrific. Things have changed a lot and I love it.

Instead, we have this happy, fun, laughing, ready to engage with each other attitude and a team that is ready to explore what they are capable of. I am so impressed with everyone on the team and what they bring to the table, that I know that everything we do going forward is that one step closer to realising all of our dreams.

Doesn't get much better than that!

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    foldekniv med proptraekker
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  • Ashlee
    20 Jul 2018

    These are great tips! I'm also happy that the office embraced the change and became an even better space for everyone to work in. I wish you the best of luck in the new era of Marketing Eye.

  • Tahlia
    18 Jul 2018

    Having a happy work environment is always better as you don't always dread waking up to go to work like some of your friends do. Enjoying your workplace is good because you get excited about your work. Quiet workplace with no communication to your colleagues makes it hard but if you communicate and get to know your team, you can help solve problems, learn and gain new ideas from everyone

  • Rachel
    17 Jul 2018

    To me, time will be too difficult to pass when the office is too quiet. When there is no or less communication between colleagues, they do not know each other well, team work will not work efficiently. I love working in an energetic and fun environment, work will become easier when colleagues can work together to overcome a difficult task. I think being passionate and love the job you are working in is the way to make yourself immerse into the work environment.

  • Maud Garcia
    Maud Garcia
    17 Jul 2018

    People do their best jobs when their are confortable in their work environment and feel valued!

  • Thomas McLuckie
    Thomas McLuckie
    13 Jul 2018

    Having a great leader is so important to create a positive environment. A negative environment limits even the most talented individuals so it is so important to create a high energy and positive environment as happier employees are more productive employees.