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From Iraq to Melbourne designer

From Iraq to Melbourne designer

The other day I arrived at the office to find a new intern patiently waiting at reception.

She was dressed in a burqa and softly spoken. What impresses me most about Marketing Eye is the diversity that we have in our offices. We have people from Vietnam, Germany, Holland, Malaysia, China, Iraq, USA and other parts of the Middle East. 

Travelling to Australia to learn more and gain experience is something that I admire immensely. It shows determination to succeed, openness to explore new cultures and a willingness to learn.

With different cultures comes a cross-section of personality types and communications styles. What may be deemed suitable in one country, may not in another and as more and more people come into our environment, we all need to adapt and create a place where everyone feels welcome.

I learn so much from our interns, possibly more than they learn from us. Just their personalities and varying abilities to take a new task on board is interesting and something that we often take for granted.

Our graphic design interns have opportunities that many designers may never get a chance to do including working on new brands and developing a visual identity that may one day be global. We have no preference to whether an intern completes a design or a qualified graphic designer. Instead, if a design is good and on brief - then it simply is good. 

Next week as we move floors in our building to an office 4 times the size (which is already full!!), we look forward to having more and more people join our company from all over the world, sharing experiences, culture, design and marketing ideas.

If you would like an internship at Marketing Eye, feel free to give Jamie Coombes a call or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Wendy Cheong
    Wendy Cheong
    20 Jul 2014

    I completely agree, Mellissah! There is definitely an invaluable worth that comes with diversity and it is important to appreciate that. There is no denying that we are deeply shaped by our culture, by the way in which we have been brought up, our surroundings and so on. It makes the big difference between how one person perceives the world to another. Which is why diversity is so important - to break that tendency and danger of spiralling into tunnel vision. I first really acknowledged the importance of diversity (not only specifically with regards to culture, but study) at a group interview I once attended. The group was composed of students who studied Marketing, Commerce, Human Resource and Property. While completing a task that required the group to prioritise issues in a case study, the differing mindsets of each individual was strongly illuminated. Financial issues were prioritised for Commerce students while Marketing students prioritised issues to do with customer experience / publicity and so on. This alone, is truly testimony to the need for diversity in a company. It encourages greater, diverse ideas and can yield amazing results when the individual strengths and knowledge of each person is brought together.