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Websites that save lives

Websites that save lives

The thought of travel right now has a major downside. It usually starts - and ends for that matter with airlines and lost luggage. I cannot remember how many times in the past 5 years that my luggage has gone awol. At least every second international flight. Given that I fly only with Oneworld and Delta Airlines these days, that says something.

It's no wonder that you will find few people in the world that will say that they absolutely love an airline. Maybe the praise all went down the drain with Ansett.

For the past week I have been travelling. Primarily in the US and now in Europe. Its been primarily for work.

Travelling always teaches me things that often I forget; patience, compromise, adaptability, breathing, sleeping, Facebook, good eating habits and the value of good friends.

The latter was particularly important, when on Sunday for the 4th day in a row I woke up dizzy. All of a sudden, I thought something was wrong. I had all of these symptoms that related to anemia, which I suffer from on an ongoing basis, but there appeared to be a few extra, which concerned me.

As I laid watching a movie on the coach with my friend Henry in  Atlanta, I started to feel chest pains. My immediate reaction was to panic. I quietly said that I had these weird pains, and Henry, being very technologically savvy with anything to do with Facebook or google, looked up on his ipad. I listed my symptoms, and you wouldn't know it, it came up as anemia.

Now, given that I don't eat red meat, I have few people to blame but myself. But I really had no energy. To lift a towel was an issue. He gave me some B12 tablets that were super strong, and in no time I was feeling better. My iron tablets by themselves were not working. Note: never take B12 before you go to sleep - we were up all night with me tossing and turning!

What this taught me was that technology is the answer to so many things. A simple medical website can now diagnose you better than your mother did!

Sure it doesn't beat a human hug - which I am a big fan of, but it does provide the answers to anything that you have a question for.

What apps or websites do you find are literally life savers?

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  • Sandra
    29 May 2012

    Hope you had an amazing trip!

    I too have diagnosed myself a few times through medical websites. It's convenient and saves time when you tell the doctor what's wrong with you.

    The Commonwealth Bank app has saved my life many times. When I am out and I have no money in my account, I am able to login from most places (where I have reception) on my phone and move money around in an instance.

  • Sophie
    25 May 2012

    I think that the internet can be the best as well as the worst thing to happen to healthcare because sometime, people hit the wrong site and the wrong diagnosis appears. The best way to be afraid for nothing.

    I say that because I have already checked on Google describing my symptoms. According to Google I had a skin cancer, It was just an allergy... ;)

    I know that this is not your case and I hope that you feel better now and I wish you enjoy your trip in Europe !

  • David
    25 May 2012

    Diagnosing my symptoms on google has always been unreliable, now it's good to know there are decent medical sites out there.

  • Marco van Olst
    Marco van Olst
    24 May 2012

    Hi Mellissah. I think travelling around the world can make you grow. Often you didn't see small things because they are normal to you. But when you are abroad you can see the value of these things. I think that it is good for your personality. You can met new people and learn from another culture, and that is very important to develop yourself (in my opinion). So I am very excited to go to Australia and learn so much!