The Power of Customer Demands

The Power of Customer Demands

Having just received information pertaining to a client of Marketing Eye’s that had a section on their website whereby visitors could lobby to have their local shop store a particular beer, I was surprised by the number of people who are loyal to a brand.

To actually go into your local bottleshop and demand they stock a particular beer brand so you can buy it – is one hell of a loyal customer.

The search around Australia for an effen great bloke has been interesting to say the least. We all know an effen great bloke and fortunately the competition takes exactly 32 seconds to complete (I timed it!).

The good news is that the bottleshop in question, listened to their customers after repeated requests from a number of customers and will now stock the beer.

Great job!

It’s Australia’s last opportunity to find an effen great bloke, so if you know one, enter him in the competition.

Women are welcome!

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