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Small business marketing is dead - here's why

Small business marketing is dead - here's why

It's a statement that has finality but how much of it is true?

Small business marketing is dead and there are a number of reasons why. Here's a few;

1. If you are still thinking as a small business, then you are never going to be a BIG one. Mindset is everything.

2. Being caught up in all the small business marketing jargon on the Internet will not only cripple your business, but it will also waste your time to the point that you will spend more time reading and being confused, then putting in action any marketing plan that can make a real difference to your business.

3.  Marketing is marketing. It doesn't matter what size you are, it's what you do with it. That means that regardless of how many people you employ or how much revenue you achieve, marketing is still marketing. It is not discriminatory to any particular size.

4.  When you write a marketing plan, you write it to grow. Think BIG, capture the essence of your unique selling proposition and make the world your oyster.

5.  Most of marketing is about putting your brand first and making sure you actually implement any plan you have in place. Most 'small business marketing plans' are written to sit in the drawer and lack an execution model that is achievable.

Many small businesses are challenged by the amount of information that is out there in the market. It is important that we decipher what to take in and what to throw away. Most small businesses that come to Marketing Eye have the same issue; great ideas, not implementation strategy or resources.

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