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Need motivation or just a little direction?

Need motivation or just a little direction?

We are more than 2 weeks into the new financial year and already the business side of things is getting in the way of marketing the brand and driving sales. Is your business any different? Are you being overcome with day-to-day activities that are absorbing all your energy and time?

Marketing is one of those areas in the business that needs to be placed on the agenda. It has to be on the Minutes of Management Meeting's week after week. If not, it is far too often, placed to the way-side.

Working with hundreds of small businesses over my tenure as CEO at Marketing Eye, there are quite a few behaviours that we accept as the norm with our small business clients. It is a given that they will be busy and mostly unavailable to talk to on any topic relating to marketing. They worry about cash flow and employees leaving, and tend to be absorbed in ensuring quality control across their businesses.

If they are really smart, they have people responsible for the areas that they can't focus on because of day-to-day activities and if they really want to grow, they tend to invest in things like marketing to help them get there.

Motivation for most entrepreneurs as I like to call them, is usually not the issue. It's the DOING side of things that brings everything to a stand-still.

Marketing often needs direction from an outside perspective because internal THINKING often is a killer for any brand.

Are you failing to keep motivated when it comes to marketing or are you losing direction because too much is going on? If so, think about what you can do to control the situation, and market your brand ongoing.

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