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When is the party really over?

When is the party really over?

On the weekend I went to dinner with a few girlfriends, then a couple of them went on to a nightclub. 

I personally couldn't think of anything worse. Why in your mid-forties would you want to go to a nightclub? To pick up? To get drunk? Really?

Then I thought a bit more; I know lots of old, rich men who go to nightclubs, particularly when they are in New York, London, Ibiza, Mykonos etc. There seems to be a growing trend. Perhaps I didn't notice it so much when I was younger at how many old men there are in nightclubs. I am talking 50's, 60's and god-forbid, 70 year old's hanging out with 20-somethings, trying to lure them through wing-men that are more connected usually due to their ability to source drugs or find rich people to pick up the tab.

What do they hope to achieve? Why are they there? Are they all going through a mid-life crisis or do they feel more manly picking up women in their 20's who they can afford to buy expensive champagne for. Even worse, buy cocaine or "molly" for. Is this what their self-worth has become? Are they so insecure that they no longer can look in the mirror and think of themselves as anything other than someone who can "afford" what these young women cannot?

Ask a man

I asked a few people what they thought and in particular a few men that do it. Their reply was interesting, "where else are you going to pick up a girls half your age who are just looking for someone to buy them drinks or drugs?" Point taken. They both get out of the equation what they both are looking for.

Ask a young woman

Then I asked a few girls in their 20's what they thought. "Disgusting, old, sleezy men - happy to drink their expensive champagne and take the drugs they give, but I am the first to find the door before they get a chance to take it further."

Sleezy seems to be the main point of contention. An old friend who use to own nightclubs explained that a very rich man we both knew often was called "sleezy" by the young females who hung out wanting drinks to be bought for them, before they take off and hang out with people their own ages.

Think about it; would your daughter in her 20's be happy having a rich old man rub their hands up and down their leg. Furthermore, would you be happy for rich old men to do that to your daughter, and in return expect to have sex with them?

Paying for drinks and/or drugs all night

Would you be happy for your daughter to sleep with a man 20, 30 or 40 years older than she is just because he paid for her drinks and/or drugs all night?

While you may think that these young girls are "up for it", they are also someone's daughter, so spare a thought for that.

If men think that they are highly desirable as themselves in this age category in nightclubs, think again.

  1. Your skin is soft or leathery, and no matter how fit you think you are, it still sags.
  2. There's a reason why everyone else looks twice as young as you are. It's because they are.
  3. You were ID'ed at the door because the doorman had to think about whether you were loaded enough to buy a table and expensive champagne. Alternatively, simply because your hair is greying or you're bald.
  4. You think the music is too loud to have a conversation, because it is.
  5. You have forgotten that at your age you can have a lot of fun at a mature dinner party with intelligent people with a sense of humour, but you probably won't have your ego fed because you aren't buying drinks or drugs for people half your age.
  6. You pay on debit card rather than credit card, because you are old enough to afford it.
  7. People around you think you manage the club or own it.
  8. People think you are sad and hope that their "Dad's" aren't doing the same.

There is an age that is too old to hang out at nightclubs at Ibiza or anywhere else that is all about partying and drugs - and if you haven't realized it yet, all I can say is that I feel really sad for you. That Peter Pan syndrome is only that of a sad old man who people pretend to be friends with only because you bring money to the table.

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