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There are so many types of love that we all experience; a love for food, a love for our dogs, a love for our family, a love for special people in our lives and of course, the great love.

I've only once experienced a great love. The type that sends you crazy, that gives you butterflies even after the first year, and keeps you committed long after it is over.

It's the one feeling that I hold on to and that gives me hope that one day I will have that again, or maybe different circumstances will bring that person back to where they would need to be to have what is possible.

At this time of year, we all think about the people we care about, what is important and how we are going to live our lives in in the upcoming year. 

Every year I have a theme. Last year it was kindness, and I lived that through and through. For this upcoming year, it's love. I really want to fall in love with every single thing I do and the people I surround myself with. I want to care so much about them, or what I am doing, that it's as if I can't live without it. I want more than anything to have the passion and privilege of feeling and being absorbed by possibility. To see positives and no negatives. To live in hope, not fear. To be determined without falling short by insecurity. To challenge what is expected and do the unexpected and sometimes, unthinkable.

There is never a better time in life to reflect than right now. New Years Eve is never the best time. There are too many expectations on what the night should bring. It tends to be the one day I fail at every single year, and find that I am left disappointed and sometimes even heart broken.

2016 has so much to offer. It holds so much promise for my life and others'. There will be challenges but if I always reflect on this blog and my theme of love, I will get through it, hopefully with a smile on my face. 

We only get one chance at life and it definitely is one that if we can pull ourselves out of our normal lives, we can live life better. Living better is being in touch with what we are doing and how we conduct ourselves, and constantly improving. 

Throwing away caution, pretense, blind ignorance or pride, and stepping forth with a heart full of love and kindness. Understanding where people are coming from and being there where you can, and stepping back when you have to.

I am known to those most close to me as being quite a deep person. It's not for everyone, but it's for those who appreciate a deep thinker, who analyses, but tries hard to not pass judgement - it creates an interesting dynamic.

So, this coming year's theme is love. What's yours?

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  • Andika
    20 Dec 2015

    Just trying to keep positive and patient with people or situation, whether if it's a good or even a bad thing happens. As long as i keep doing that, it improves me to become a better person in the future.

  • Bretta
    16 Dec 2015

    This is a great way to be. I am trying to filter out all the negativity in my life this year (all the negativity that I can control, that is) and this is closely aligned with that. No need to hang on to toxic people or situations. I want my life to be as positive as possible, from here on out.