From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love

I am sitting at a cafe in one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in the world wondering whether or not I should be working or out exploring. In the end, I decided that its best to do both.

In marketing and in business, it’s hard to get a real perspective if all you do is work and live in the same, little old world that you always have.

Exploring the world, new markets, cultures and the way people market themselves all over the globe has made me a better marketer and definately someone who has alot more to offer my clients and my team of marketers.

I don’t walk past a billboard in the street or in the subway without thinking of whether or not the style of advertising relates to my clients or not. Is it clever? Is it good value for money? Is there something that I can take away from the way they have done that billboard? These are all questions I ask myself.

I take note of customer service, design of retail stores, window displays, stories in newspapers and magazines and pretty much anything that relates to an interaction with a customer.

I meet with company’s on behalf of my clients to find out how company’s just like theirs are servicing clients and how potentially, my client can do it better.

Every time I travel to Paris, I am reminded of how different things are done all over the world and how much more we can learn from other cultures.

The French are great at so many things and fashion and champagne is just the start. Here I sit with designers who have a flare for creating style and with business people who know no boundaries.

I meet with Australians who are here to explore Paris and broaden their cultural experiences.

In the next week, whilst I meet with a number of business people, I will share with you my experiences, the people I meet and the interactions I have.

Au revoir Mellissah

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