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Why you should re-imagine your business

Why you should re-imagine your business

For years, Marketing Eye used the same brand messages and continued to push through to the market key points that we believed were different to what everybody else was saying and doing.

The problem is that when you are online everyone can see for themselves what you are saying and doing, and for competitors to copy, it really is quite simple.

All of a sudden, prospects were ringing up and saying "oh, you do the same as such and such".

Of course we didn't, but we were talking the same spiel and we really needed to rethink our messages.

Since then, every year we look at what our key messages are and what we are selling to our prospects. What value we give our clients and how we can continue to strive to be ahead of the game.

There are competitors everywhere. They sell marketing services, digital services, marcoms services, public relations services, end-to-end marketing services, one stop shop - you name it.

We chose to define it differently and focus on providing companies with not an account manager, but a qualified marketing executive will skills across the entire marketing mix. That to us was changing the way we communicated but also offering people qualified consultation rather than sales or account management people. 

Now, we have completely reimagined our business. There is no-one in the world quite like Marketing Eye and while many try to follow in our footsteps, our investment in staying ahead of curve has kept them out of the race.

We are an outsourced marketing department; a technology company specializing in Marketo implementations and custom software applications; a web company with strong digital expertise and number one rankings for most companies we work with on Google; an education company with training and development courses, webinars and seminars for entrepreneurs and marketers; a media company that publishes Marketing Eye magazine and a Licensing company that gives other marketers the opportunity to own their own business under a powerful, globally recognized brand that has invested heavily in training and upskilling of marketers.

Clients benefit from our constant innovative approach and investment in staying ahead of the curve. We try to be more customer-centric and move the business away from just being a service company, but also be a very focused employee and customer company.

It's working for us a treat. But how are you reimaging your business? Do you need help working out what's next for your company? Speak to a marketing consultant today in Sydney or Melbourne and we will help you work out where your brand goes next.

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