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Why I want to be a tech entrepreneur really badly

Why I want to be a tech entrepreneur really badly

I'm an ideas person. The one that comes up with a thousand ideas, then shares a few with friends and makes one or two a reality.

It's so exciting when you come up with a great idea, but mostly, it's about how you can make it happen that determines whether you will truly be successful with the outcome or not.

Last year I went down a path to develop a particular type of technology. We dropped the ball a bit, and then it cost us heaps. It was all my own money so a good lesson to have.

But now I have simulaneously four technology projects on the go and I am about to disrupt an entire industry. I can't sleep because all I want to do is get up and keep working on the idea. It is genius! I know every tech entreprenuer thinks this when they come up with a good idea, but I really truly believe that this is the one. 

I have been spending the past week meeting with entrepreneurs, mainly in the tech sector. They are great. They are as enthusiastic as I am and have all extensive experience is failure and success. It's in our failures we learn the most about technology, marketing, commercialisation of technology and importantly, ourselves. 

This morning I met with a tech entrepreneur to discuss valuations and how much should you give away of your idea and how much should you keep? All valid questions, but as he answered, how long is a piece of string. There are too many variables. 

I am going to keep working on this idea and take it to the people that know more than me and have done it all before. I believe I can make this one happen, and have the right people around the globe in the right positions in other organisations ready to jump ship.

I've already achieved more success than I ever dreamed of in my marketing business, but why do I want to be a tech entrepreneur?

  • It's not the lure of the big valuations, but the ability to disrupt an industry and set the standard for what is to come
  • Marketing is fun and exciting, but it's also the only job I have ever really had - time for a change of pace
  • Everybody wants that one big idea - I think I have it
  • I'm more ready than ever to take a big risk and put it all on the line
  • My business Marketing Eye continues to be successful with or without me - I'm blessed.

So, let's see what happens!

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