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What does your capabilities statement look like?

What does your capabilities statement look like?

Marketing Eye has for years focused on the small to medium sized business market. We have done incredibly well specialising in providing businesses that are looking to catapult their business growth by providing them with a qualified outsourced marketing department.

What has made us unique is not just our marketing services, but the way we package what we do, and our investment in technology and adopting digital platforms at a level that is often not seen in the Australian market.

We also have worked extensively in building comprehensive marketing audit capabilities and have completed major audits for large corporations and local government bodies such as Parramatta City Council.

Banking on a 12 year track record, and allowing our work to speak for itself, Marketing Eye has established itself as the market leader - and few would be able to say that they provide a better service in the complete outsourced marketing department service delivery, end-to-end and all inhouse with no freelancers in the Australian market.

Being able to hone our skills in this area, and continually, relentlessly improve what we do has given the brand and the people that work for it, confident beyond belief. We know that we have the ability to transform businesses and accelerate their growth. We also know how a high performing marketing team should operate and where we are able to best fit inside an organisation whether it is as their sole marketing resource, or as an addition to their team, filling gaps, identifying new markets and training their marketing group.

Today, we are re-writing our capabilities statement. It has changed significantly over the years and we need to update it. 

This made me realise how many other companies have out-of-date capability statements and what they may be missing out on due to not keeping this important sales tool up-to-date.

When was the last time you took a hard look at your capabilities statement and what feedback have you received from recipients on what your company has to offer? Have you adapted your offerings or changed how you communicate it? 

Many companies fail to keep their capabilities statements up-to-date and it is one of the most important sales tools you can have. Think about it.

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  • raja
    17 Aug 2019

    I got such a good information on this topic its very interesting one. You made a good site and I have found a similar website

  • Kay Lee
    Kay Lee
    01 Jul 2018


    I hope this email finds you well.

    I found your website online. I operate a small limousine service located in Atlanta, Georgia and need some assistance preparing a 2 page Capability Statement that stands out.

    Would you please provide a price and turnaround time? I look forward to your response.

    As always, thank you.

  • Terry McWhirter
    Terry McWhirter
    15 Apr 2017

    Hi Mellissah, this is an excellent articile. We need your help to write a Danterr Capability Statement. A needed sales tool for my team! Have a great regards Terry