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There's a reason why some employees are outstanding, and others look on...

There's a reason why some employees are outstanding, and others look on...

There's a changing of the guard coming up in the next few years, and I can see it very clearly. I have a 20 year old niece who has nearly finished University and has received High Distinctions and Distinctions in everything she has done (Marketing and Human Resources) as well as worked full-time for three years at Marketing Eye, played sport and had an active social life.

Stress is rare, as she just takes life in her stride. She is a role model and the future, someone that young women and men should look up to.

In our office, we stress that just because she is family. She is to be treated no differently to anyone else. In fact, if anything, it is the opposite. I work very little with her - up until now, and leave it for the team to include her in what the are doing.

She knows more about what we do in the office than most, and is incredibly talented, with three solid years under her belt. She not only is a talented marketer, she is also a very capable and relevant social media expert. Her following is significant, and she has accounts of her own to show that she is not only capable to do it for our company, and our clients companies, but for herself. Very different markets highlighting her ability to adapt to difference target audiences.

I've noticed over the years those who incude her in work, and those who exclude her. The one's that include her are competent and have gone on to run their own Marketing Eye businesses, or taken their careers to the next level. The one's that have deliberately excluded her have ended up working in bars and as assistants, or moved into roles such as customer service and outside the "marketing" discipline. It's been interesting to watch and I haven't interfered but am acutely aware of what has happened and I find it fascinating to watch the human psychology behind people's actions.

Her talent is rare, like that I would imagine of Lisa Wilkinson when she took over Dolly Magazine at 21 years old, and not totally dissimilar to my own, however, I think ultimately she will be a better marketer than I and a better leader of the business.

What makes her stand out:

  • She is fiercely proud of her job and the company she works for. Her loyalty for the company is strong, and measured.
  • There is never an excuse as to why something is not done. Everything she starts, she finishes. Excellence in everything she does comes naturally to her.
  • Stepping up is her game plan so don't expect her not put her hand up every single time.
  • A super organised individual, Ashleigh doesn't work overtime, however, you will find her tweeting on weekends on behalf of the company because she 'loves her job'.
  • Ashleigh is capable across all marketing disciplines, and for people that just finish their degrees and start with the company, that annoys them rather than inspires them. It's strange to watch, but their expectation on a finished degree and what actually occurs in the real world is vastly different.
  • No strategy is handed in half baked - as it is her responsibility to give marketing executives and managers the best example of her capabilities as well as that of her marketing finesse that will help the client achieve their overall business goals.
  • She doesn't dob. She works hard and delivers. When excluded, she let's them play out their game, and knows that it is they who end up failing and struggling to do their jobs, not her. If only they would ask for help.
  • She asks for help and constantly asks how she can improve.

My admiration for Ashleigh and her high achieving skillset is something that just makes me feel warm inside. I haven't participated in making her better at her job - she has. I don't sit and mentor her on what to do and how to it - she is a self-starter. This may evolve and mentorship may play a stronger role moving forward, but to date, her success is all hers, and hers alone.

She has a partner in crime in Andrew Choueri who is a senior marketing executive in Sydney, and together anything and everything is possible. He is a level headed, creative marketer who isn't afraid to collaborate and has spent a lot of time learning about people and target audiences, to create better campaigns that achieve greater results.

I can't wait to watch this collaboration grow and next year when we celebrate Ashleigh finishing her degree, seeing her take on a new role in the company and working overseas as well as in other offices in Australia.

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  • Huy Vu
    Huy Vu
    12 Dec 2016

    Thanks for this post.

    It informs me very well on the ideal attributes of a successful intern at the Marketing Eye.