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The business of business is people - and companies aren't using the right tools - yet!

The business of business is people - and companies aren't using the right tools - yet!

I am so caught up in everything to do with technology, I have to be constantly reminded as to why the technology exists - and that is to better serve the people around us. From customers and prospects, to employees and suppliers, our ability to engage, interact and create conversation is imperative to our ability to be more successful.

When you are building new technologies, it is imperative that you think not of the technology, but people you are serving. What is it that they want out of the technology and how will the technology make their life easier and smarter?

Technology can be built for techologies sake and floundering business will often choose the route of trying to be everything to everyone, and end up being nothing to no-one.

It's a proven fact.

However, we are not short on delivering what people want or need. By innovating and listening, we have developed what we believe is the world's best platform for people to reach their career goals, and at the same time continue to develop and evolve in a way that is interactive and collaborative.

The types of people that join your organisation, whether they are employees, contractors or clients - all need to be on the page.

How do we make this possible? What is it that we need to do that will deliver upon this goal.

Marketing Eye has done a number of things:

  • Spent a lot of money on developing APP's and technologies to help companies communicate better, understand our business  and we understand theirs, and deliver upon goals.
  • Understand people through psych profiling and different matrix that are not yet in the market place today.
  • Keep people at the forefront and their needs as individuals on a personal level and professional level
  • Allow people to be as challenged as they want

I'm looking forward to releasing something very powerful in the market and hope that this disruptive is a game changer for the entire industry.

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