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Journalist / Content Writer wanted in Melbourne / Sydney office

Journalist / Content Writer wanted in Melbourne / Sydney office

We are an odd company at times. While we are definitely a marketing company, we are also media, a tech company and a educator. With 15 new clients being on-boarded in Australia in October, we desperately need a journalist to take over our magazine, and write content across multiple disciplines.

Our company is young in culture, capable of transitioning from one platform to another. Most people in our company work across multiple areas of marketing and help others learn their various disciplines.

A full-time position exists for a journalist trained person who is capable of churning out interesting and diverse stories that our readers would like to read, as well as turning companies in industries such as health, technology and manufacturing, into interesting content for their various target audiences.

Working for Marketing Eye in Sydney is kind of cool:

  • Your office has water views of Sydney harbour and the city
  • The team is young, fun and hugely creative
  • They always think outside the box
  • Celebrating birthdays, wins and just about anything is the norm
  • Emma Castles will be appointed our new CEO in a matter of weeks and she resides in this office 
  • Miroslav, our Chief Technology Officer, accompanied by Sanam, our web developer is also there at your finger tips for digital
  • Social media curator and young gun Ashleigh Cameron is always great to talk to about social content

Working from Marketing Eye's Melbourne office is dynamic:
  • Hugely creative
  • Very tech-based ; we are the marketing automation team who desperately need content
  • Finance is here so it's always good to be close to the money (lol)
  • Internship are often placed in our Melbourne office and therefore you have access to people who are eager to learn and work with you for research and to prove their writing skills
  • While our view isn't as good as Sydney, we have Faulkner Park which is pretty awesome, particularly in Summer
  • We celebrate more often because our inside sales team is here
  • When working on the magazine, our Art Director has the corner cubicle - great for collaboration

Working at Marketing Eye:
  • Fast paced, dynamic and ever changing
  • Creative, innovative and technology driven
  • Write and develop own technology as well as implement other best of breed technologies such as Marketo
  • Education is part of the parcel and we are structured to provide education to our team and clients on a regular basis
  • Flat management structure, however, we have appointed a CEO, and she is pretty awesome. 
  • While you may work hard, our philosophy is to not work overtime 
  • You can take mostly as many holidays as you want, as long as your job stays intact from a performance and deadline perspective
  • Salary for the right person with a journalism background is good.
If you are interested in being diverse, putting yourself out there, and being part of a growing team who are not afraid to be thought leaders and innovators - speak to us by emailing your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking for a person with 3 years or more journalism experience in Australia, please don't send your CV if you do not have the experience- thank you. 

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