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If you don't have a marketing calendar, you're playing a dangerous game : Jay Baer

If you don't have a marketing calendar, you're playing a dangerous game : Jay Baer

When I read this statement from Jay Baer, I am reminded about how important this is for each and every client we work for, and for ourselves for that matter. 

So many companies still don't run a social media calendar, and yet it is so easy to do. With Hootsuite, Buffer and Coschedule, the whole process has become efficient, effective and results driven. All you have to do is experiment. While we read blogs that tell us the best time in which to post, if you do the maths and everyone posts at that time, then clearly it is the least effective time to post. Standing out from the crowd, within reason is important.

Kevan Lee wrote an article for Buffer Social blog on "Infographic: How often should you post on social media? See the most popular research and tips". While this may be true for some, it is not true for all. The writer posts on Twitter 5 times a day. He has 20,500 followers on Twitter and is the director of marketing for Buffer. I have 87,000 followers on 2 Twitter accounts, so I beg to differ that 5 posts per day creates enough engagement for a person in a high position in marketing - but that's just me. Looking at the posts, I tend to think that he could do better.

Infographic is a good start

According to the infographic, you should post 5 times per day on Pinterest, 3 times per day on Twitter, 2 times per day on Facebook and 3 times per day on Google .

Marketing Eye's marketing team believe that it really depends on the industry, what level of influence a person or company has achieved, how publicly known is the person or company and what is the quality of information and how shareable is it.

Buffer's infographic is great because it gives a basis for people who need to get started, but for the more mature social media activist, this is less relevant, and it is about testing the market and what engagement you get when. It also needs to take into account the changing of algorithms for social media, and how they plays a role in when people see your posts.

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