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How Instagram Video Can Be Used For Business

How Instagram Video Can Be Used For Business

Instragram, the billion dollar acquisition of Facebook, is finally paying dividends. Just weeks after the launch of a new feature, Instagram video, the social media platform has exploded overtaking its main competitor in short frame video, Vine. 

While Vine has been a novelty to many, it's 6 second video application has gone from 2.5 million Vine links on Twitter on June 19 to a massive dip of 900,000 links shared on Twitter, an alarming 64 percent drop, just one week later.

The power of social media lies in its use. Instagram's biggest endorsement came only hours ago with the world's most famous female singer, Rihanna, posting a 15-second Instagram video which within hours has been headline celebrity news. "Rihanna twerks to Drake song, bares midriff in Instagram Video" one headline proclaimed. 

That is all the endorsement that Instagram video needed to cement its position over rival Vine on a global scale. Now, millions of Rihanna fans will be clamming to post their own video's, most possibly twerking just like their idol, on this now popular and ever growing social media platform.

Fourth of July celebrations also send video platforms like Vine and Instagram to the higher echelons of consumer consumption with millions of hours of video shared of people out enjoying the day, celebrating and partying to their hearts content.

What Instagram Video has that sets it apart is the ability to stablize video, create filtering modifications and leverage from its ingrained user behaviour software. The longer length of 15 seconds is always more appealing, because let's face it, there's not much you can do in 6 seconds - although the latter requires users to be more creative and therefore may stay popular amongst those wanting a challenge.

How can you use Instagram Video for business?

Instagram is great for business to consumer marketing and due to its following, has been very popular with consumers the world over. 

With business to business marketing, it is a little more difficult to ascertain how much value can be captured in investing time and money in developing Instagram videos. It's sharing capacity on Facebook allows for even a novice film producer to produce something that is of reasonable quality. In 15 seconds, you can share an elevator pitch of a quick snapshot on a new product launch - not dissimilar to producing a television commercial or online video advertisement.

Instragram video for now, is best suited to business to consumer marketing and recruitment for business to business organisations. From a recruitment perspective, imagine developing a series of videos where employees and interns share their experiences with your brand and company? 

There is only so much time that small businesses in particular can invest in the many forms of social media opportunities that pop up, however, Instagram video has its good points and its feature heavy functionality allows for quality 15 second video to be recorded and pushed out to customers around the world.

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  • Thersa Denier
    Thersa Denier
    12 Apr 2016

    Very informative blog, thanks for posting!

  • Johnie Yeh
    Johnie Yeh
    22 Jul 2013

    I have frequently seen people promote their businesses (webshops) through instagram. As there are (illegal, but very common) ways for regular individuals to gain, or simply 'create' up to a few hundred thousand followers for their account, I must say that it is a revolutionary tool for promoting your products or brand. With the new feature of Instagram Video, even more opportunities are created for promotional activities.

  • Mia
    09 Jul 2013

    It's interesting to think what the reason is that Instagram is preferred over Vine... If you think about when people check their social media, it's often in a moment of boredom- whether it's on a crowded train, at your desk or in a queue. Is an app with only videos less attractive that an app with a mixture of videos and photos? Perhaps it is. An app with only videos requires you to have earphones at hand and a strong internet connection wherever you go. Instagram gives you the option of both perhaps making it more appealing. This blog highlights how quickly trends changes and the importance of keeping up to date with it!

  • Sonja
    05 Jul 2013

    Great read! very informative. Since we've adapted social media into our organisation, we've become a lot more connected to our target audience. We haven't yet explored Instagram video, but it's definitely an avenue we will now consider. Erol seems lovely!

  • Clinton
    05 Jul 2013

    Great article.It is a social media era nowadays.Especially in markeing,social media is very important.we are no longer use the traditional tools such as telephone or e mail to connect with our customers.Facebok Twitter or even Instargram.You can share or upload your video or leave a comment in it.then you can have a connection with your customer.Tell you something more.In China there is a very famous social media which is called WEIBO. The function is similar with the previous one.It is a great tool to connect with the asian especially the Chinese easily.

  • G
    05 Jul 2013

    Instagram is really a quite good social media platform which can not only share the photo but also the video. Its innovation make Instagram become more and more popular and powerful. I think different kinds of company should make good use of these social media to promote their business. It will arouse their customers' awareness to a certain level.