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Disrupt yourself and see your salary skyrocket

Disrupt yourself and see your salary skyrocket

Over the past week, we have been recruiting for a number of positions at Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketer, and I have realised just different one marketer is to another.

There are so many different types of marketing managers and marketing executives in the market looking for jobs.

The work, life balance marketer

This is not so much new age anymore, as it is something that not only employees want, but employers too. If an employee is rested and living a healthy, happy life, they are more productive when they are at work and less likely to burn out. When they burn the candle at both ends with a work hard, play hard mentality, they almost always burn out. As an employer, it is definitely not healthy to work your employees to the bone and really an 8 hour working day is more than sufficient. There might be the odd time where people stay back to finish something, but it cannot be the norm. With travel distances in big cities and the benefits of people having happy lives to an organisation, this is a no-brainer.

The seasoned professional

This candidate can tell their own story as if you were listening to them do a speech on a stage, that inspires you to be better at all things that relate to marketing. They not only know all the terminology required, but they have invested in hitting the top echlons of their career by making sure that they are professional, credible and capable. They inspire teams and clients to achieve greater results in what they are doing and in general take organisations to the next level.

The disruptive marketer

This person wants to be an awesome marketer, but hasn't quite reached their full potential. They re-invent themselves often and are always taking new courses and learning new things that make them a more accomplished marketer. They instantly recognise areas that need improvement and are not afraid to put in the extra work after hours to make sure they take lessons or courses to achieve the desired results.

A disruptive marketer is also the future innovator in your business. The person you have to have on your team to accomplish your business goals. They are worthy of investing in because they know that knowledge and experience is power and ideas are their golden ticket.

The job hopper

Usually this person likes variety and is happy to move from one organisation to another. They may at times believe that there is nothing more to learn at a company, but that is simply because they haven't been exposed to how to learn and develop themselves. Sometimes job hoppers are just looking for the right spot to lay their hat. That is very important for them to find, as when they do, they shine.

In all of these marketing profiles, it is the disruptive marketer who stands out from the crowd, produces award winning or client praising results and therefore receives the big pay packet. They deserve to see their salaries skyrocket because they are game-changes in any business and they bring something to the table that no-one else can.

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comments ( 2 )
  • Xavier
    09 Jul 2019

    Great to know these different kinds of marketers I have never heard before. I love the job hopper so much since they have their passion for working and willing to keep challenging themselves instead of choosing to stay in the same position. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rinaldo
    03 Jul 2019

    Very good blog :) a good read as I didn't personally know some of these characteristics on the different marketers