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Butterflies… when was the last time?

Butterflies… when was the last time?

The world wide web is such a wonderful thing.

Every day I spend more and more time searching, writing, commenting and reading information on the web. It’s part of my every day life almost like drinking water.

Today, I looked up my facebook page to find out if a client had contacted me in regards to a campaign we are doing for them. They had not, but a picture popped up on my screen.

An ‘old love’ had changed his photograph. Still as handsome as ever and someone that I still hold a torch for. The minute I clicked on the photograph I got butterflies and instantly remembered his charismatic sense of humour. Remember those stomach butterflies you have when someone you really like crosses your path, calls or when you hear their name?

The older you get, the less likely you are to get butterflies. Today, I remembered how special they are and the fact that no matter how confident we become or how much more in control of our lives we are, there are some things that we have no control over.

How does this relate to marketing? Well, firstly imagine if your customers got ‘butterflies’ when they heard your name? Not likely? Well, what is second best? That they feel good when they hear your name and they instantly think about the value of your brand and its very essence that makes your brand more special than your competitors.

You can’t bottle butterflies – as we all know, but you can take something home from the thought of making someone feel real emotions when they hear your brand name.

Thanks S for reminding me that I can still feel butterflies – even in my thirties. x

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