Becoming the ultimate networking ninja

Becoming the ultimate networking ninja

If you have just stumbled into the marketing world or you’ve been in the game for some time now, you most likely have heard of the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. When we think about it, everything we do revolves around the ability to connect and engage with people. From social media platforms of Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram to even our social lives.
Our core focus in life is to connect, to build and to communicate with one another. Businesses are the same, they thrive on connections and building relationships also known as networking, that can be the basis and starting point of pure success.

Here are our 3 steps to becoming the greatest networking ninja:

Yes, I know it sounds so blatantly obvious. But it’s true. When you are in a networking environment communication is the key to building current and new relationships, diversifying your knowledge and pushing you out of your comfort zone or bubble. Communicating with a wide range of individuals will enable you to adapt to conversations at a quicker, more effective rate. This is the perfect time to talk till your heart's desire. Keeping in mind, that your discussion should be relevant to the occasion.

How many business cards can you get?
It should be almost like a game, seeing how many relevant business cards you can acquire by the end of the social and or networking event. Business cards are crucial as they help you put a name to a face and you will become familiar with educating yourself who is who in the room.

The variety of networking
Sometimes networking events might not be as relevant to your field, but most often than not the least relevant and the ones that you deem not as important can lead to rather important relationships and contact building. One of the joys of marketing is that there is this ability to work in and closely with every industry. So, network till your heart is content and enjoy what the event has to offer.

Networking is a highly effective tool and an element that should be incorporated into every business, utilising and implementing these networking skills will see you witness further success. There more we learn from the people we meet, the greater our potential for success can be.

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comments ( 5 )
  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Networking is essential these days! Especially in business

  • Eleonore
    23 Jan 2019

    Really interesting post. Networking is surely important for everybody's success. Always keep that in mind!!

  • Léo
    23 Jan 2019

    Thank you for this very relevant information indeed. The networking of a business owner or a company is indeed fundamental for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • yuri
    21 Jan 2019

    I totally agree! networking is essential for business! There are is much to learn from the people you've met!

  • Phil Ye
    Phil Ye
    21 Jan 2019

    Communication is definitely the key thing in marketing and other aspects of business world as well.
    It surely is all about who you know.