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Fire Your Relatives. Scare Your Employees and Stop Whinging!

Fire Your Relatives. Scare Your Employees and Stop Whinging!

So says George Cloutier, author of “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing” who then goes on to proclaim that “It’s not the economy stupid, it’s you!”

Sure this type of message get’s published but what does it really mean? I am all for firing people who are not performing (although I am slow to do this), but scaring your employees seems very barbaric. As for ”stop whinging” – well, I would if I wasted time doing it in the first place.

So often these self help, business success and how to be a millionaire style books are full of the same old garbage that has been doing the rounds for years.

In my experience, many of the people writing marketing books aren’t really that successful at all and if they are, they became successful from the sales of the books they wrote and the subsequent public speaking circuit where people like you and me pay a couple of hundreds dollars a pop to listen to their pearls of wisdom.

I am all up for reading books and learning from other people’s learnings, but sometimes you have to take some of the words of wisdom as a grain of salt.

Sometimes, its about selling books, not about making sure that the reader has the take-home value they need to make a difference to their small businesses.

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