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Why you are fearless and you don't even know it

Why you are fearless and you don't even know it

When you decided to apply for your first job, you knew that there was a chance that your potential employer may not a) like you b) think you have the right skills c) consider you as a candidate d) work out what you bring to the table.

Most probably, you pondered one of these things or all of them before you went to your first interview. It may have created some nerves, or made you anxious. Perhaps, you did the opposite, and sounded overly confident and a tad cocky, when in fact  you were shaking in your boots.

That first step is fearless because regardless of whether or not you were afraid that you would not get the position, or worse still, if you did, that you couldn't perform, you jumped over the cliff and gave it a go.

Entrepreneurs are fearless every single day

As an entrepreneur, we do this every day. We never know if things are going to work out, or whether we are making the right decisions. There is often no right or wrong answer, just an experiment that could cost you money, reputation or time.

I often sit at my desk at 6am in the morning wondering what I am doing and why. I know the why - as I have an end game, a life plan and a business plan. But I do not always know what I am doing. I sometimes thrive when there are a lot of moving parts, and other times, it brings on the stress that quite frankly I would rather do without.

Exhaustion is part of the parcel

Unlike many other people, I mostly go home at night exhausted. I eat, take a long hot shower, and lay in my bed reading. I don't take calls or messages after 6pm, and I only look at my phone if I feel like tweeting or reading an article. I never ever check emails after I leave the office and definitely never do work on weekends other than what I call 'creative time out' and that is for pet projects or innovation. To me that is not 'work' but play. It's like having an awesome hobby that sometimes plays dividends.

Everyone is fearless in some way or another and if we recognise this part of ourselves, it helps us make more decisions that may have many different outcomes. The more you risk, the greater the reward. The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities that come across your path. The kinder you are, the better you feel inside. 

Wear your badge of honour

Being fearless is like having an internal badge of honour. Not being afraid of failing is a blessing. Being afraid but doing it anyway is even better. It puts that determination in your stomach that you need to push through any obstacle that may come in front of you.

Be fearless. Overcome obstacles. Challenge yourself. Care about others. Take risks that are measured. Be yourself and never try to be anyone else.

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comments ( 5 )
  • Chelsea Shiu
    Chelsea Shiu
    23 Oct 2017

    Starting out in the professional world, it is sometime hard to have self-confidence, this blog really motivates me to take more risks and overcome obstacles in order to reach my goals.

  • Calvina
    31 Jul 2017

    Many people are reluctant or are still afraid to do things and take chances. This blog is a motivational must-read for all!
    It's true that more we risk, the greater the reward but however it needs to be taken into account if the risk is realistic. Overcome obstacles, focus on your outcome and reach your goals.

  • Nopsaran Phiboonthammasak
    Nopsaran Phiboonthammasak
    26 Jul 2017

    This inspiration blog is very relatable for many job seekers out there. I do agree that being fearless is one of the qualities required to get things done, especially when trying to overcome obstacles, breaking plateaus and improving oneself.

    However, I also believe that one does not always need to be fearless in every situation as it is also equally important to know when to be afraid. A person being feared of something doesn't necessarily make that person weak, instead, it may potentially be beneficial so they can be prepared when things do not go as planned.

  • Sharon
    26 Jul 2017

    As a recent graduate, reading this blog makes me feel a bit more confident and I comfort myself in taking initiative to 'just do it.' Everyone starts out the same way, taking risks and don't be afraid of what you have to do to stand on your feet. Go to an interview, good or bad, experiences are needed, I've been trying to build up my confidence to follow up on job applications to give myself a head start on what I want done.

  • Preeti Somasi
    Preeti Somasi
    18 Jul 2017

    As an undergraduate with a keen interest in the field of Marketing and wants to pursue a career as an International Marketing Manager, Melissa's blog certainly inspired me to approach job interviews and opportunities in general, with a fearless, 'can-do' attitude! While entrepreneurship certainly requires this charismatic and strong-willed determination, I wholeheartedly believe that the essential message in this blog can be instilled throughout all paths of life.