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What makes some entrepreneurs more successful than others

What makes some entrepreneurs more successful than others

One of the first things we think we realise about successful entrepreneurs is their toys; the big house, the fast car and their luxurious holidays - that everyone else just dreams about.

But this isn't exactly the case. In fact, the most successful people I know are not in fact flashy or anything alike. They still live in the house they bought when they first started out, don't update their cars yearly, and often have a holiday house or choose experience holidays over the swanky likes of St Barts and St Tropez.

If you truly want to be successful, then you have to look a little deeper at the people you aspire to be like. Those telling you how rich and successful they are, are more often not. In fact, those keynote speakers that spruik their monetary achievements, often are making more money out of speaking than out of what they proclaim made them rich and successful.

To understand what makes some entrepreneurs more successful than others, their are a few traits that are common:

1. They don't procrastinate:  That means that when a decision has to be made, they make it. They don't sit on their hands hoping for the best or putting it off and sitting it in the "too hard" basket. They show leadership by making smart, astute and purposeful decisions that help the business grow from strength to strength.

2.  Their focus is astronomical: They have a too do list, meeting scheduled, and a brain trained to give full attention to what is in front of them. They know they have a job to do and they do it, with no excuses made for lateness, or tardy behaviour. They are not all over the shop and have worked out exactly what it takes to keep their eye on the ball.

3. Positivity plays an important role: Their glass is not only half full but brimming at the top. They look at the positive side of every situation, and not the negative. They train people around them to do exactly the same, so their world is full of 'positive vibes'.

4.  Education: They are always learning from going to courses, listening to speakers and podcasts, reading, surfing the net and talking to others that are better than them at different aspects of life. They never let a day go by where they don't learn something from somebody. They realise that they do not know everything themselves and the only way to be smarter is to invest in learning.

5.  Failure is just another lesson: They are not afraid of failure and more afraid of not giving something they believe in a go. Successful people accept failure and learn the lessons that go with it. They don't give up in any circumstance and are resilient by nature. 

6.  They dream big: Instead of staying inside 'their lane' they expand their minds, and dream the biggest dreams. They take calculated risks so that their dreams will come true. They write them down and starting living their dreams, long before they have actually achieved them.

7. Honesty and integrity: Don't think for a second a successful person is someone who is dishonest and only out to ruin other people's lives for their own gain. These people are not successful. A successful person has values and cares about people around them. They take people with them on their journey and are always honest and act with integrity. 

8.  Passionate about everything in life: Successful people are passionate people. They have the passion to follow their dreams and without this, they may never quite make it. They have a strong sense of belonging to their work, families and health.

Some entrepreneurs stand out more so than others. Being successful isn't being the richest. Often those that are the richest are miserable. Their lives are measured by dollar signs and not real accomplishments. They give a few dollars to charity so that charities put their names in lights and they can call them a philandropist, but really, it is such a small percentage of their wealth that it is like petty cash.

Being successful is about being driven, but it is also about being happy and fulfilled. Finding that happy medium will change your life.

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