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Friday, 30 November 2018 07:47

5 Things I have learned from other marketers

They are a weary bunch of people - those marketers. You find them hanging out at conferences, marketing events and sometimes the opening of an envelope. Other times, you find them sitting next to you on a flight, and that's really the one time you can find the one pearl of wisdom that will help you along your way.
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Over the past few months, Marketing Eye has hosted hundreds of marketing workshops. There have been many reasons for that, but mostly, companies are keen to start 2019 off strong. To do that, they need to get all of their key people in one room (or on one call) and go through their business objectives, sales goals and marketing activities for the year ahead.
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Tuesday, 27 November 2018 15:15

Marketing and the Millennial

As I look around the Sydney, Marketing Eye office something really stands out. I’m one of the oldest ones here, not only am I one of the oldest members of the team, I’m in a sea of Millennials. What’s a Millennial you ask? Well it’s a term coined to represent anyone in their early twenties born in the year 2000-2010 and yes, the office is full of them. 

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At 25 years of age, I started my first business, Insomnia. It was not my dream to own a business at that age, nor did I feel that I was quite ready...but when is anyone ever ready?
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Friday, 23 November 2018 16:39

CFI Global/Denso

CFI Global is an Australian wholesale distributor of DENSO scanners, QR code readers and printing technologies. They provide turnkey solutions for logistics and supply chain, retail, healthcare, events, security and hospitality industries and meet the client’s needs and budget. Marketing Eye has worked closely with CFI Global to develop a rebranding solution, which included a new brand logo and corresponding branding for all marketing collateral. The design and brand work we created, portrays an updated, modern take on CFI Global as a provider of cutting-edge technology in the scanning and IT industry. The collateral created also provides clients with a comprehensive coherent understanding of the services and products CFI Global provide.


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Friday, 23 November 2018 16:38

Delivery Quote Compare

Delivery Quote Compare is a successful online transportation platform that is well established in the U.K but relatively unknown to the Australian market. Delivery Quote Compare engaged Marketing Eye to create their marketing strategy for them based on the Australian target market. Marketing Eye revamped their website and tailored the messaging to the Australian audience while also acting as a outsourced marketing agency for the Delivery Quote Compare business.


EDM Template

dqc ipad
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Friday, 23 November 2018 16:36


Marketing Eye was engaged by Auscontact as an ongoing outsourced marketing department. Marketing Eye created the marketing strategy using Robotic Marketer and created the branding and visual identity of the Auscontact Excellence Awards, plus regular marketing collateral for Auscontact. Auscontact has found an increase in members, a passion for contact centres and an emergence in interest in the contact centre industry. The re-branding exersize has been an integral part of the Auscontact Marketing strategy increasing customer awareness, excitement and participation.

Auscontact Association2

Auscontact Association3
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Imagine your sales team sitting in your office discussing the reasons why they didn't make the sales projections for the last quarter. They talk about how hard they have worked, and that they think it is either bad time of year, or something has changed in the market. Furthermore, they say to you that they think your marketing is either not effective or worse, non-existent.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2018 17:01

How being a mum has helped my marketing career

I have two children aged 5 and 3, they are hilarious, cheeky and full of energy. In the last five years there are many things I’ve sacrificed for my kids; my time, my money, my energy but not my career. In fact, I think having kids has really given me some keys skills that have made me a better employee, manager and team member.

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Running highly successful, productive, functioning marketing departments is a challenge at the best of times. Return on investment is always at the back of any competent marketing manager or CMO, and steering all marketing efforts to ensure that not only is the brand being promoted and gaining market share, but it shows up on the balance sheet, is a scorecard that no-one can ignore.
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