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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:06

Why women have to make bigger choices than men

I'm celebrating 18 years as an entrepreneur and I can safely say that there are still a few more years to come.
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A first world problem for sure, but it is one I see regularly as an entrepreneur and one who travels widely around the world.

We all work hard. I don't have children, but I see a lot. I have opinions, just like most, but there is some substance in my opinions because I have been around for a long time.

Parents work hard to build their businesses and wealth. They do so because mostly, they didn't grow up with the wealth that they would have liked, or perhaps they just want to live a better life. 

They accumulate wealth, with that comes big houses, flash cars, holidays in the South of France and skiing in Aspen, and so on. 
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Monday, 31 August 2015 08:32

Daddy, you are hurting me

Children are very important to any family. It is a choice that people decide to have children, and if you have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of having a child, make sure you take it very seriously.

Many of us have issues. I for one, have many but for the purpose of this blog I think I won't go into it. 

I wrote a story about narcissists in general, and thought I would dig a bit deeper as to how it actually affects the children of a narcissist. We cannot be perfect, but what we can do is try our best and identify areas that we need to improve on and make the relevant steps to do so.

With divorce once again on the rise, which is very disheartening, it's very important to think about your children and how you can ensure that the divorce isn't just about you getting a new lease in life, but about ensuring your children get the best out of both worlds.

I wish I had had children and hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to meet someone who has already been there and done that, and play a role. I love the fact that you can love someone unconditionally. I love my dog yet I didn't give birth to her. Some people say that that is not the same, but I tend to disagree. 
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Friday, 02 April 2010 16:25

Be careful, be very careful

Whatever happened to boardgames?