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The future is where your entrepreneurial heart lies

The future is where your entrepreneurial heart lies

I've been in the Netherlands for 4 days and I am mesmerized, as always, with its sheer beauty. From harbour views through to fields of everything imaginable, you watch from the side a sustainable country go about its day on bikes, without seamingly a care in the world.

I went to a few meetings this week which went very well, and one that was sort of unusual. I had to think to myself whether the girl was stoned, or not the brightest cab of the rank. As she flicked her hair and head from side to side, she couldn't answer questions articulately and was completely in another zone. Perhaps, she had too much on her mind. But as I was interviewing her for Marketing Eye Magazine, which I will not use the interview as it has zero substance of any description, or content, I was surprised as her field, if it is at all true that that is what she does, is quite interesting. I question it because when she asked if I had ever done work in Amsterdam, I said I had a few clients her and she asked who. I mentioned one. She immediate turned to her Marketing Manager and said, you had better meet up with them. Really? You do something completely different, and you are being interviewed for a magazine. Bizarre. I have to however take into account perhaps she was not all there. No amateur, let alone a seasoned professional would conduct themselves in a way and certainly, if you were the experts of the world that you profess to be in a certain area, you would have something to say.

One bad experience, however doesn't put shade on the beauty and magnificence of the Netherlands and everything it has to offer. For us, there is much potential. We have the opportunity to expand into Europe aggressively over the next 12 months and it is our determination to do so. It makes perfect sense to create a new market, especially with our new technologies in robotics and alike that we are building over the next 6 months. 

When I look at the Netherlands, I am like many others in love with countryside, the artistic feel, the history and Amsterdam. My head tells me this is a great place to do business. My heart tells me that perhaps I should revert back to my mentors advice and focus on the markets we already are in. Both are true to myself, and licensees make for the best options for expansion in Europe. Without speaking the language, there is a big downside. The upside is footprint and being able to service more clients all over the world with our sophisticated backend.

At the end of the day, clients are everything. Their happiness and success lies on our shoulders alongside that of their team and management. Constant, relentless improvement across all areas is always necessary and it certainly is what we are focused on as a company.

Tonight I go with Vanad Group to watch the Dutch play in the World Cup Qualifier against Belarus. It's going to be exciting and I will be doning orange and barracking for the Dutch.

Let's see where this journey takes us.

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  • Fuming Yang
    Fuming Yang
    18 Oct 2016

    I think marketing in a foreign country is a complete challenge...Except for language,One has to be familiar with local culture and their opinion about certain products.Learning some experience from local is still a challenge because there are so many complicated factors which is invisible.
    But as long as you get there,it would be an enormous success.And this is the funniest part.