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How to inspire your team

How to inspire your team

Most entrepreneurs know when they can 'turn it on' and become an inspirational leader, but for many, there are a select few employees that actually get to see you 'live' telling your story. Afterall, your entire team often do not accompany you to a public speaking events and usually only management get to know your new ideas when its raw and at its most exciting point - you know when haven't been battered down by reality like financials or ability to execute.

Today, I planned to have a 15 minute meeting with our marketing interns on social media. It turned into an hour-long meeting talking about the value of each and every task they undertake through to the vision of Marketing Eye in the US and in other international markets.

I talked about why they develop a media list and what that means to the entire 'market to media' equation and to our valued clients. How by increasing a clients Twitter Account with the right followers means that they become a key influencer and ultimately attract new clients to their businesses.

Then somehow, we got onto Marketing Eye. I talked them through my dream. The experience I am aiming for clients to have when they walk in our door after we develop the concept further in the US market. I described every movement, every visual aspect and every experience from start to finish that a client would have if they worked with Marketing Eye Atlanta. I then proceeded to talk about the experiences our employees will have. A day off to roam the Streets of Atlanta each month and explore in shopping malls, parks, museums, libraries - basically anywhere that will inspire them, give them ideas on how to better market their clients and create a zone that makes them more aware of what is going on in the world of marketing then what they can learn sitting behind a desk and looking at a computer. There is something about fresh air and living an experience that far supercedes anything you can view on the Internet.

I talked about how their training program will work and what that experience will actually feel like.

Then I shared how my vision is for them to one day run a Marketing Eye office somewhere in the world. Sophie who has been with us for some time is French. I shared with her how I imagine her running Marketing Eye in France and even though she is just 20 years old, how she would be fantastic at that job. I can see it now. Her working with another previous Marketing intern, Francois, building the Marketing Eye dream in France and helping small businesses in the Country grow. I believe in her. This young lady has grown a Twitter account by 1000% in a few weeks. When given a task, she is extraordinary. She has talent that will only grow as she is exposed to more.

I could tell that when I was sharing the story, they all became excited. Here's what they shared with me afterwards:

"I feel inspired and it was eye-opening. In some ways I was also surprised by a concept that was small can become so big. I was always excited by how each of us can be entrepreneurs ourselves one day through Marketing Eye."

"I feel that your explanation was passionate and I had butterflies in my stomach. I started dreaming and am excited and quite ambitious as it makes me believe in myself and that I can actually do this too."

"Sounds exciting and inspiring. When you were describing it, I felt like I was there. I could see the clear walls, the long reception, the boardroom, the glass - it really came to life by you describing it. I want for you to make that dream come true. It also inspired me to make me want to go out there and achieve my dreams."

I'm pumped. Here I have the 3 youngest people in our office, all in their early 20's, believing in the Marketing Eye dream.

Sophie shared one quote with me that is quite apt: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." Milton Berle.

What a great day in the office!

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  • Jake
    14 Dec 2012

    Hi there just came upon your blog via Yahoo after I typed in, "How to inspire your team" or perhaps something similar (can't quite remember exactly). In any case, I'm
    grateful I found it because your content is exactly what I'm searching for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don't mind if I collect some information from
    here and I will of course credit you as the source. Many thanks.

  • Raihan
    30 Apr 2012

    You've got me inspired already! :)

  • Marco van Olst
    Marco van Olst
    27 Apr 2012

    It sounds very nice that there are people who want to start their own business somewhere in the world. And I think Marketing eye is a very good and clear company to learn things from. And when you've got a good and strong base, you are able to start you're own business in marketing. So I am very excited to learn from Marketing Eye, and to start my own business once a day in The Netherlands.

  • Sophie
    27 Apr 2012

    Thank you so much !

    It is so exciting. Mellissah, you made my day wonderful and I really will do my best to get a Marketing Eye in France. I have a Marketing Eye dream now I will make everything in my possible to realize it.
    I just need to be more experienced, and learn always more but I trust you to give me the best advices.

  • Nevena
    27 Apr 2012

    Good work Sophie! Marketing Eye in France is great idea, Marketing Eye as a worldwide company is even better! I wish you all the best!