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Designer offices = Productive Teams

Designer offices = Productive Teams

A couple of year's ago, I had the privilege to meet the owners of a Swedish company, Bolon. They design the most magnificent floor coverings and recently did a co-branded range for Missoni that is stunning.

This picture is of an office space in New Dehli, that was put together with Bolon's Indian resellers Spacebiz.

Imagine if your staff came to work each day in an office just like this. How inspiring. Immediately, no matter how their day was going, they would come to life and be more creative than ever. What do you think?

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  • nettoyage
    18 Sep 2013

    How to put design on my bass guitar?

  • David
    18 May 2012

    I too like the design of the office. It doesn't look like an office, so when you step in, it doesn't feel like you're at work. Thats what i love so much about it

  • Josh
    17 May 2012

    Funny you say this as i just read a journal article which concluded that a work environment that is inviting, spacious and warm will benefit both employees and customers who encounter it. This space is called the servicescape and is most relevant in the service industry.

  • Sandra
    02 May 2012

    I quite like the design of the office, it's modern and unique. I wish that I could be working there. I think the space would make employees feel happy and comfortable, therefore work more efficiently.

  • Raihan
    27 Apr 2012

    Definitely a modern and sleek design, although I'm always drawn to a more 'homey' and comfortable interior, whether it's for an office or a home. I find that when I work it feels warm and secluded, just like working from the living room! Modern interiors are great as well, especially when it comes to lighting and deco, and if that picture was an office I had to walk into every morning, I wouldn't be complaining as well.

  • Kirsty
    26 Apr 2012

    The environment created by the office design would set the tone of the company's culture. By a company investing in the office layout this would signify to employees they are appreciated and able to feel proud of their workspace. I have previously worked in a company who painted the meeting room walls red. Understanding the psychology behind the influence of colours on people's moods, the power of the colour red promotes focus and enhances enthusiasm. This is exactly what is required for a successful meeting.

  • Sophie
    26 Apr 2012

    You are right.
    I think that we are more efficient when we like our office design. We are more inspired and at ease.