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8 Free Apps That Analyze Your Brand On Social Media

8 Free Apps That Analyze Your Brand On Social Media

There are so many Apps around today, that it is hard to know which one's to download and take up space on either your smart phone, tablet or computer.

As a marketing agency, we use a number of "must have" apps to ensure that we are regularly monitoring our clients performance online and ensuring that we are abreast of their competitors movements, campaigns and conversations as well as leveraging industry news and developments to bring their brands to the forefront.

While we continue to grow audiences, increasing our clients brands within the circles in which they trade, it becomes increasingly important to utilize Apps that cut-through the clutter and help ensures that we don't waste time on social media where possible.

Here are 8 of the most efficient analytical Apps that Marketing Eye uses:

1. HootSuite: If you don't use this, then you have not only been hiding under a rock, but you are missing a valuable tool. HootSuite is a social media management solution that enables teams to collaborately execute social media campaigns across multiple platforms from one single view point - a dashboard. HootSuite includes audience identification tools, the ability to streamline workflow and customize reporting. It is perfect for managing Twitter accounts.
2. Klout: I range from being a 72 on Klout to a 64, depending on how much time I want to spend on social media - however it does have value. Firstly, it gives me visibility of my competitors and where they sit on Klout (which is below Marketing Eye) and it helps find influencers in your audience so you can target and encourage them to become advocates of your brand.

3.  TweetBeep:  Is the Google alerts for Twitter.

4.  BackTweets: Tracks how many people are talking about you, who is actually talking and what they are saying so you can address any issues, thank the key influencers and join the conversation.

5.  Buffer:  This App manages multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with the ability to set tweetsor updates in a schedule unique to each platform. Additionally it includes detailed analytics for all of your blog posts.

6.  NetVibes:  A platform that tracks clients, competitors, and your reputation across media sources, analyzing live results with 3rd party reporting tools. It also provides media monitoring dashboards for brand clients.

7.  Mention: An App that lets you create alerts for your brand, its keywords, company and your competitors updates in real time.

8.  IceRocket:  A free resource for brand monitoring, IceRocket taps the web, blogs, twitter and facebook to deliver easy to read results on one singular page.

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  • Fiona McEachran
    Fiona McEachran
    08 Oct 2013

    This is a great collection of resources Mellissah, thanks for sharing. The more businesses that track their social media marketing results the better. :)

    I'm a fan of Hootsuite, so I'm glad that one is in the list. I also really like for monitoring a Twitter account. Once you have an account they frequently email reports/ updates which is great for tracking.