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Do you have a new best friend?

Do you have a new best friend?

Sitting in the Los Angeles airport after being in Miami Beach for an entrepreneur’s conference, I pick up The Mail on Sunday only to discover a story written about women who meet each other through work.

It’s been five days of the best Miami has to offer coupled by discussing entrepreneurial topics, life and success (or in some cases, lack of) with some very versatile, uninhibited entrepreneurs who all seem content to share stories and experiences while enriching each other’s lives through old-fashion mateship.

I have been to two of these conferences in the past six months and both times I have met a ‘new friend’. Like the story written by Rachel Johnson in The Mail, we met, we instantly became friends and five minutes later, rather than over a glass of sparkling water, we enjoyed a vino or three and dropped our guard to dig deep into the big issues.

“Over-share” – perhaps, but nevertheless, true.

Sometimes, you meet people that you take a fancy to, regardless of gender or race. Usually bound for a mutual appreciation of a book, a person or a strappy pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

“It pains me to say it, but we could actually learn from men that talking about our partners, home lives and sex lives, as we do at the drop of a hat, is dangerous ground. It risks betrayal and backstabbing. It’s bad for business,” Johnson states.

I agree that in business, it becomes risky to “over-share” and somewhat stupid at times. Just because someone has a dress to kill-for or a handbag bought in the deepest corners of Portobello markets, doesn’t mean that they need to know what colour knickers you are wearing or who you fell out of bed with last night.

Business is business – after all.

However - it doesn’t always work in all situations quite like this. Sometimes, you meet “the one”. The woman that really gets you and who instantly breaks down the barriers and becomes firm friends; the type of friend that can travel hundreds, even thousands of kilometres, just to enjoy a chardonnay.

My two new friends are wonderfully talented women that shine on every level. They are smart, determined, ambitious, kind, generous, charismatic, humorous, challenging and real.  They don’t hold back with their opinions and are there to give business advice along with some handy suggestions of what to wear to that work function that may make or break you.

They are busy – super busy and they have children that take up much of their time, but they are the first on the telephone when you need some advice and they add value where many don’t because mostly, they have been their and done that.

In short, I largely disagree with Johnson’s commentary only through experience although women can learn to hold back, just a little, with what they share with men or women for that matter.

What do you think?

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  • view publisher site
    view publisher site
    19 Apr 2014

    Wohh precisely what I was looking for, regards for putting up.

  • Melinda
    08 Apr 2013

    I agree with you on this topic. I think that the perception of women being "weak" or "too emotional" based on our enjoyment of communicating with others on a deeper level is a bygone stereotype. Of course, "overshare" with the wrong person can be an overkill but if you get that vibe or gut feeling that this professional acquaintance can develop into a genuine friendship, then there should be nothing holding you back as long as both parties are equally interested. You don't need to share your deepest dark secrets or pull out dingy skeletons from your closet, but meaningful and enjoyable relationships that can add value to your business and even your life are something that should be treasured.