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Ways to improve your business reach

Ways to improve your business reach

One of my favourite clients is coming in to the office today to see her Marketing Eye Marketing Consultant and I am thrilled that perhaps I will get a sneak preview of her new collection.

Essjai Accessories is a Melbourne born business that was founded by Sofie Zoumis in the upmarket suburb of Malvern.

Sofie comes from a Greek heritage and is passionate about making women feel beautiful and like most women, loves jewellery.

Her pieces are so unique and stunning, that I wear a piece most days. Recently,  a stylist came to my place and I showed her the jewellery and she fell in love with it straight away.

Whilst she has a showroom in Malvern, her business model is party plan. Party plan is not how it used to be perceived. Even I am having one of her parties and am excited about the prospect of showing my girlfriends just how fashionable and unique Essjai Accessories are.

Party plan is a great way to make a little bit of cash on the side. Unlike the hardcore Amway sales consultants (not all – only the ones I have come into contact with!), its more about women enjoying each others company and going ’shopping’ together. Afterall, isn’t that what we all love to do. I hate going shopping by myself and love nothing better than having a girlfriend with me to ask their opinion.

If you are interested in having a job on the side or perhaps you are a mother and would love an excuse to meet new people and catch up with girlfriends more often, then check out

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