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University vs Real World Experience - Tips to break into the Marketing Industry

University vs Real World Experience - Tips to break into the Marketing Industry

We will continue to have the University vs. real-world experience debate in this industry until the end of time, however, I feel this comes from those who sailed through Uni, didn’t take the information on board and showed up to every Wednesday morning lecture in the same clothes they wore out on Tuesday night. There is no substitute for education, whether that comes from practically undertaking tasks or learning theories and case studies in the classroom. In this competitive industry, you are required to wear many hats and need to be an ace of all trades to set yourself apart from other candidates. Here are the 3 best tips for young marketers breaking into the industry.

1. Knowledge of theory and case studies 
Not every workplace requires you to explicitly complete a SWOT analysis, create customer profiles and ensure that every one of the company’s marketing objectives are ‘SMART’. Though wouldn’t the company’s performance be elevated if you knew these things and weren’t blundering around in a dark room of marketing guessing what we should do next? If you can apply the proven theories and are able to refer to relevant case studies for direction, you could save yourself time and effort by taking this knowledge and tweaking it to produce something new.
WorkExperience2. Experience
We all know the benefits of internships - the connections, the learning, the opportunity to apply your above-mentioned knowledge, build confidence and develop good professional habits. Employers aren’t interested in seeing that you have completed 2 years of interning, they care about the projects you completed whilst you were there. Wrote draft marketing strategies or answered phones? It’s up to you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

3. Customer service skills
“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.”
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
No matter what the role, you will always have a customer. If that customer is a client or your supervisor, someone is always requesting a service from you. By being someone that people want to work with and can trust to work to a high standard, your career will naturally progress quickly. Attention to detail, clear communication, time management and the ability to be positive will set you apart from those who make coming to work every day a drag.

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  • Joshua Muscat
    Joshua Muscat
    02 Jun 2017

    Terrific post. I just completed an internship last year while studying (the degree incorporates a sandwich year). As a requirement for uni, I was tasked with building a portfolio of my experiences throughout the 12 months. I thought it was a fantastic idea to keep track of things relevant to my CV, and allowed for a lil' bit of creativity.

    My advice - keep track of all the tasks you take on, and build a small portfolio or blog. You will truly recognise the skills that you are developing and will have something great to look back on.
    Just like this post states, future employers will want to see what you got up to - so having a slick portfolio to show off will work wonders for you.

  • Brett williams
    Brett williams
    01 Jun 2017

    Well written and well timed. A focus on the emerging marketing environment is needed and this is a step in the right direction of ensuring there are fresh eyes in this profession that will ensure there are less traditional and somewhat stale campaigns presented to potential clients