The Marketing world introduces a new player to the team

The Marketing world introduces a new player to the team

I’ve never really understood the Super Bowl. You know the big football game in America that practically stops a nation. Where 103 million people around the world watch men run around on a field chasing a ball, experiencing the atmosphere of the half time show entertainment and eating greased up though incredibly delicious food. This is one of the most exciting times of year for Marketers all across the world, they shed blood, sweat and tears for their pride and joy (their businesses) to be featured on the Super Bowl commercial breaks and at all be featured on TV some way or another.  

Sport has such a large and profound impact on our lives more so than we probably think. If we peel back our culture, we soon discover that especially for both the American and Australian way of life it is one thing that is incredibly important to us. Sport is something that brings us all together again as one, it enables us to relate to the stranger sitting next to us. Giving us something to bond over and emotionally connect with. There are not a lot of things in the world that enables us to freely bond over an activity like sport does.

Sports superstars are marketing gold

Sport and superstars would have seen like an uncanny mixture a couple of decades ago, though now it is nothing but the norm for our society. We admire those who play great sport and as a reward, we present them with gold, pure gold (not really, just money) and admiration. Our sporting stars have harnessed the marketing world, mesmerising us with their ability to sell to their fans and the wider market. 

Combining Technology, Sport and Marketing 

Have you ever watched cricket, basketball, or any sport in fact and sat there constantly wondering “what is going on?”.  Technology and digital based businesses such as Amazon are now introducing systems that are equipped to communicate and educate you on 1000's of terms related to positions, rules, and players during the game.

Sports and its connection to Marketing will only continuously grow throughout the next couple of years with the increased integration of technology and digital elements to enhance the overall experience and presented messages.  

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  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Very interesting!