5 marketing careers that pay $100k from graduation

5 marketing careers that pay $100k from graduation

What’s your post-graduation dream? After focusing on studying for so many years, choosing a high salary job as well as a future with long-term prospects is probably one of the top things on your mind.

Most people think of their dream job as being high paying with loads of perks? Medicine and Engineering are often the top careers you think of first when considering what pays the bills and leaves a tonne of cash to travel overseas, buy the best of everything and in general, enjoy the fruits of your labour.

But they are not the only careers that you should be looking at. How about a Marketing career?

 As technology in all fields of work continues to evolve and change, companies want a pipeline of multiskilled creative professionals to ensure that they invest in training people that will take the business to places it hasn’t been before.

 Here are the top 5 graduate marketing careers that pay over $100,000 per year. 


Data Scientist

This new generation of statisticians and data analysts has grown into a profession that requires more than the basic ‘gathering information’ for a business. It entails analysis, creative curiosity and understanding the story behind statistics. Analytical data experts have strongly developed technical skills to solve complex problems, and the amount that you earn can reach well beyond the hundreds of thousands. As an entry level Data Scientist with less than 5 years of experience, you can expect an average income of $100,000.


Interactive Producer

As an Interactive Producer, you work and communicate directly with clients as well as manage web design, development work and video production. An Interactive Producer is expected to earn $108,000 per year by working on content creation, implementing SEO practices and providing engaging content on social media platforms.



A career in E-Commerce allows businesses and organisations to grow their online presence and maintain customer relations. As businesses continue to be challenged by new technology, organisations are searching for E-Commerce marketers to help grow their business via the internet and keep up to date with the latest trends, so it’s no wonder that they are in high demand. As an E-Commerce marketer who is new and still developing their skills, the expected yearly average income reaches $100,000.


Information Architect

Information Architects focus on the design and development of internet software, particularly in web application by providing positive user experiences. Information Architect’s organise information and design strategies that assist the businesses communication systems and helps to grow the business. The annual income that you can expect from taking up this role is $105,000 as a graduate with a background in Architecture and IT.


User Experience (UX) Designer

The role and process of a User Experience Designer creates a journey that’s relevant to the user. UX Designers focus on more than just presenting information on what the product does but examines how users feel and the emotions they experience when the product is used in context. UX Designers have a high earning potential and can expect to earn a yearly average of $105,000 as an entry level graduate.


As a young graduate, you have so many doors to open, so many experiences to seek and so many opportunities to explore. It’s often a big decision to make and a difficult path to follow when searching for long-term job opportunities. The future of marketing is far from bleak, it will continue to prosper, and organisations will continue to look for candidates that are proficient in content creation and have up-to-date digital skills, so that they can leverage and gain a competitive advantage.

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