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Is your job about to become redundant?

Is your job about to become redundant?

We are all on a journey in life, that is quite often than not, dictated by our desire for greater experiences or money. The latter is an interesting mark as it can either defeat you, or make you, and few people find the happy medium whereby they have enough to live a good life, and to give to others at the same time, without making money their scorecard.

Experiences are to be had. Sometimes people hold themselves back from their full potential, only to find disappointment in the end result. Why are they holding themselves back, when they could simply let go a bit and find their way into the place they were always searching to go? 

December is a strange month

We all see the festive season differently. When I was younger, it was the Christmas parties that had me all excited about what is to come. Now, more often than not, I say no to parties, preferring more intimate settings then standing with strangers doing small talk.

I work in a multi-cultural business, with people that come from around the globe and find themselves parked in a Marketing Eye office somewhere in Australia or the US. With lots of cultures comes different religions, and the realisation that not everyone celebrates the festive season the same. I find this as being part of the beauty of the festive season although I am not too attached to the idea of celebrating over the period of December and January. Instead, I find my myself thinking about the year I have had, and what I aim to do in the year ahead.

The power of change

Whether we like it or not, the 1st of January is a new year, and with that comes a fresh start - not unlike every Monday that you turn up to the office. I look at each year with a fresh set of eyes and for the first time ever, I am not going to write a new years' resolution or theme. Instead I will take everyday as it comes, and put every effort into being a better person, giving more than before and stepping everything up a notch - just because I can.

There is so many changes coming my way, each as exciting as the next. From building Robotic Marketer, to spending time helping rural and regional communities, my day job can sometimes seem a little bland. But with a fresh set of eye's it is my world and one that I can only improve upon by every action I take and every idea that comes to fruition. The platform that I have built with a team of people, some of whom have been with me on this journey since day one, is bigger than I ever imagined and more important to the people who are stakeholders than a normal job, or agency, or supplier. We bring something meaningful and lasting to the table, and relationships that supercede that hyped up agency-client over the top fakeness. Instead, our clients are people and quite often than not, friends. Their success is truly our success. Every pain point they have, we have. It's different.

In 2018, like every year before, we have the power to change our outcomes. We have the power to build teams of people that can one day go out in the world and make a real difference. Exposing our young people to the power influence, or media, or opinions - even politics and charity - it's all an essence of giving more than expected, and valuable take-home that not every role can ignite.

Create an environment

More so than ever before I have noticed that the environment in which you sit is ultimately designed by you. I look at the laughter from our Atlanta office that crawls ever so subtly into our Melbourne team - and I smile because I know what they have and what they give to each other to ensure that each day is better than the last. What bounds them is an appreciation for the opportunities that they have been given, and the people that they are able to meet. Their careers are on the up and they know that the sky is the limit. In fact, their imagination is the limit and if they keep feeding it, who knows where they will end up being. 

Our Atlanta team taught us about culture and they gave us a gift, in part of a strange sense of jealousy that their lives were better than ours. Melbourne too has learned from this magic that our US team possess, and each day they ask each other if they can do something that helps the other out. I see it and it feels like I have this amazing family that can't do enough to help each other.

I have learned that one bad egg can take this away, but finally, we know what that looks like and are ready to adjust accordingly. Sydney has a phenomenal trio that is a great foundation. Ashleigh Cameron has an abundance of energy and a desire to learn. She gives everything 110%. Miroslav is like a god and without him, I doubt the business would exist. Kris designs everything. He may be quiet but he is an achiever capable of great things. 

Trust, kindness and honesty

A fundamental that is harder to find than you would think. With so many people out to get as much as they can from everyone around them, it is often the company that they feel 'owes' them just because they turn up. This person is the person that you must get rid of as they often cannot be saved until one day they have an ah-ha moment that changes their world. To trust your colleagues is to be honest and transparent, consistent with follow through and capable. Kindness is essential because if you are kind, you realise that some people have good days and sometimes they may have an off day. Don't take it personally. Give them space and show them that you appreciate them.

2018 and beyond

It's about building and conquering that 'to do list' with as much gusto as humanly possible. Keeping the passion for everything in life alive and taking time out to enjoy the small things. I am going to the country to soak up nature for a few weeks, instead of speeding down the slopes of Aspen. This is a welcome change as there will be no jetlag and instead a lot of home baked meals, fresh air, and a 'back to your roots' kind of environment - which I will love.

I'm looking forward to 2018 more so than ever. 2017 was good, and I am grateful for everything I have experienced, learnt and had the pleasure to be part of. I have challenged myself in more ways than I have ever done so before and also found solitude in the fact that I have made the most of this life that I was given, and not at the expense of another. Perhaps at times at the expense of myself, but that in itself is a lesson that we all need to learn.

I say to all the wonderful young people in the workforce: live your life with honesty, kindness and purpose. Go to work each day and find the things you love about what you do, and how you do it. Try to bring something to the table and keep your passion for learning alive. Never try to grow up too fast - as you will be old faster than you think. Ask advice, but make your own opinions based a little on gut, a bit on knowledge and a lot on where it will take you in the long run. Your life is a long distance race - always remember that.

The question you have to ask yourself often is "Will my job become redundant?". Is the job of being me, and all the work behind that, going to change and be replaced by an easier path, or one with greater purpose. Will my job become redundant in the workforce? Have I started planning for what the future will hold, or am I holding onto the past, incapable of change? These are the questions we must ask ourselves every year, and be happy with the answers we give.

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