What is holding me back?

What is holding me back?

Wow! I really mean WOW! Today has been a phenomenal day, and a catalyst for change.

Taking some good advice from a friend, I have been on the road to a new journey of self-discovery and it is a complete eye-opener.

We think that our thoughts tend to move towards a direction for one reason, but then find out through the professionals (aka life coaches, psychologists etc) that it's for a completely different reason. What path are we all on and why are we on this path? Are we destined to stay on a particular path or will there continue to be many roads in which we need to make choices to see where it leads us to?

I sat down this morning talking to a woman and I couldn't help but find myself in a whole new world - one that made more sense. We hide behind facades that we believe are who people want us to be. The real me, who few know, is very shy, vulnerable and is all about feelings. I'm torn on many topics and as I sat down talking about my strong affiliation between two religions; my world made sense.

The outside world sees me differently. I know this as I am told this often.

To have new beginnings, you need to solve the puzzles of the past. You need to know why and how you did things, in order to correct them or continue using that methodology for the future.

Today I made some promises to myself:
  • Put myself in the face of everything I fear, and work through it
  • Don't move forward, until I understand the past
  • Leave nothing to chance, but at the same time, make steps in the direction I want to head
  • Sometimes you need time and that is absolutely ok. If it means putting something on hold, then that too is ok. Don't think twice about things you need to do to get a better outcome.
  • Listen more, learn more and focus on my values
Sometimes when faced with adversity, I have been stuck in that negative thought process, that none of us want to be in. But when I get out, I look back with positivity, and a lot of love and kindness mixed with understanding.

When someone does something that doesn't meet my standards or values, I often judge. I don't mean to but it's an automatic response. Working on that is important and seeing the positive in everyone and everything is the only way to a truly happy life.

I want to smile more, and I find myself doing that more as I discover more about myself.

There is a role that I play in being happy, which I feel I am today. That happiness means a lot of smiling and laughter and opening up. I love telling people my flaws so they feel less about theirs as we all have them whether we like them or not.

Business is my saviour. I love it in a way many people love their children. I am fortunate to be in a big innovation phase and that focus is wholeheartedly on doing a better job in everything we do. Our ability to transform our industry, will make me proud. Maybe we won't reach that height, but I will enjoy trying and collaborating with others that are like-minded.

Holding back on what is possible is crazy. Why do we only want to be half of what we possibly can be? Who wants a glass half empty. Life is for living. Business is for stimulating our brains and abilities. And given that from all that we can see, we only live once - let's all make the most of it. Put your business plan in place. Grab a pen and paper and write down a life plan. And see where it takes you.

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  • Alida Rahmalia
    Alida Rahmalia
    11 Aug 2016

    I really agree and I love how you think of it as a puzzle in order to be able to tackle the future!

  • Mohamad Al Khalil
    Mohamad Al Khalil
    08 Aug 2016

    Amazing article that reflects how the human brain can dictate the tempo of someone's life.
    In my opinion, the answer to the question listed above is that its " you " who is holding you back. The lack of passion and drive to achieve something. A person should not sit back and wait for someone to encourage them to follow their dream or passion, they should be the ones creating their own success and growth. Its within their hands to change the destiny and path that they want to see themselves taking.
    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, those are the people that fear change, fear getting out of their comfort zone and too lazy to standout. That's why they tend to pull you down because they hate seeing you succeed and be better than them.
    Dont hold back and set yourself free

  • Nicky
    30 Jul 2016

    I love your realness :)