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The one biggest instigator that makes people less likely to be successful

The one biggest instigator that makes people less likely to be successful

There are many reasons why people are held back from reaching their full potential. Some are due to circumstances that they feel they cannot get out of. Other reasons may be that they have commitments over their heads. Or perhaps it's them. They dream big, but do nothing about it.

Put simply, it's those people, and I have been one of them in the past, who hold themselves back due to inaction, that leads to them being less successful.

Called out on procrastination

I have had some great ideas in the past and enormous dreams, but the reality is that I never followed them through. Then one day, a person called me out on it. I was mad at first, then I realised that they were right. I dream big and have some brilliant ideas, but if I never execute it, then nothing will eventuate. 

These things don't happen by accident. 

You really need to have a plan or strategy in place, and then execute it. If you don't, then it won't happen by itself.

I have many times came up with very strong technology ideas, and talked about it to death. I have even written business plans, but mostly never showed anyone but my team or perhaps my brother.

The hard conversation

But that hard conversation that I had to have, changed everything. Whatever I start, I finish. Whatever ideas I have, I do the market research and work out what capacity I have to implement, then I make it happen. 

Robotic Marketer is a classic example. We are 5 weeks away from a working robotic technology that will write your marketing strategies for you, for a fraction of the price of an agency, freelancer or hack. Imagine that. It's my dream and it is real.

Marketing Eye backed

Our go to market strategy is all about getting 100 companies to sign on for a Marketing Eye backed marketing workshop, and marketing strategy development using componentary from the robot. From there, we will be feeding the robot so that it gets the language right (which I must say is almost there).
It will also be focused on continual improvement and that is always necessary in anything we do.

I am incredibly excited. There is no risk for the first few thousand people who use it, as Marketing Eye is backing it with resources in terms of marketing managers and executives, proof-reading, and helping along with the marketing shops. I hope that if you are a business owner, you are part of this amazing revolution.

I'm keen to make a difference to the marketing industry and give marketers more exciting roles in the future. Come along for the ride.

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comments ( 6 )
  • Maud
    06 Aug 2018

    The marketing cyborgs are coming! Creativity and hard work pays, can't wait to see how far Robotic Marketer will go!

  • Tahlia
    06 Aug 2018

    So exciting to see Robotic Marketer about to launch, its a great idea and huge game changer for the marketing Industry!

  • Claudia
    03 Aug 2018

    Robotic Marketer will be the future in the marketing industry. I wish it will be implemented in other countries which need it too thereby improving the marketing industry.

  • Jaimie
    30 Jul 2018

    Robotic Marketer is going to change the game of marketing, I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

    Procrastination is our level of self control and discipline, its a hard one to crack. I agree Mellissah its hard to take when someone else picks it up, though it brings your actions and ideas to the forefront, it can make you more motivated and aware.

  • Rachel
    27 Jul 2018

    Life doesn’t change when we just have lots of great ideas in mind. Try to work everything out to make slightly changes on ourselves. It’s good to see robotic marketer really goes onto the market. I believe much researches, efforts and preparations have done for robotic marketer and can’t wait to see the result of this new project!

  • Cherry
    27 Jul 2018

    Congratulations!Robotic Marketer is a great change in Marketing Industry!