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Marketing Entrepreneurship Business Blog for SMB's

Date: January 2022

While B2B and B2C take different approaches to achieve their business goals, one thing they have in common is that whether it's businesses or end customers, they are both communicating with people. People socialize, and online social media platforms allow them to get connected without time and geography constraints. As is known to all, 2 years of the pandemic has entirely changed the world, more specifically, the way we live, and how things function have gone more digital. Statistics show, by 2025 the number of American online shoppers is expected to reach 291.2 million, which translates into about 88% of the U.S. population. 

B2B social media marketing in this case sees no exception. B2B's buying journey doesn’t end after visiting the website and checking the price. Moreover, 84% of B2B executives claim that they use social media to make their purchase decisions while 72% of B2B buyers research products on social media. In 2022, the demand for B2B companies to craft their social media marketing is growing higher than ever. Putting your brands out there and propelling the transitions can promise your businesses a more recognized and engaged future. 

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Friday, 14 January 2022

My Experience at Marketing Eye

As a recent graduate, accumulating professional work experience in my final year of university has been critical in shaping my career path. Undertaking an internship during the pandemic was difficult, to say the least, but I was so fortunate to have had this learning experience with Marketing Eye. The marketing internship provided me the opportunity to explore more about content marketing, which has been useful in helping me become the marketer I aspire to be!

Located on a bustling street in Hawksburn, this 12-week internship program allowed me to intern in a distinctly modern and vibrant terrace-style building. Despite being unable to work physically in the office in the early stages of the program, the team at Marketing Eye was supportive and was quick to respond to any questions I had while I interned online. When I had the chance to go into the office for the first time, I noticed that Marketing Eye’s culture was focused on friendliness and a strong work ethic, which inspired me to work equally as hard as them. Working alongside the marketing executives has not only helped me strengthen my resume but has also built confidence in my writing skills. 

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In an era of tough local competition and aggressive start-ups, every business wants to gain an upper hand over its competitors. However, imitating your competitors is never a good way to beat your competition. Instead, it can frustrate business owners and confuse customers. Whether you’re currently in the process of starting a new business or already owning one, having a strong online presence is vital for your brand. 

The marketing community is always coming up with ways to increase their customer base and market share, and with more businesses resorting to marketing strategies, having readily available and up-to-date information can optimize the business’ overall success. In relation to call-to-action (CTA), promoting your products and services requires the assistance of persuasive tactics. 

Here are five persuasive marketing tactics that can prompt action:

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It's fair to say that the last two years have presented small businesses worldwide with their fair share of challenges. Many of Australia's small business owners have been unable to financially stand on their own two feet, requiring monetary support from the government, which hasn't always been available. While initially the challenge mainly lied in the form of financial hardship, the focus has now shifted towards the healthcare system's capacity and protecting vulnerable people. While the government has continued to change the testing requirements, placing increasing reliance on rapid antigen tests (RATs) to relieve the PCR testing waits, there is a larger truth about this changing dynamic that many are not aware of.


Wednesday, 05 January 2022

How to make "yourself" more successful

The number one thing that holds you back from being successful is your mind. It also is the top reason you become successful. If you can control the way you process information, and rationalise the requirements needed to achieve a goal - you are almost certainly there. How to make "yourself" more successful is simplier than you think, but it does take discipline and that is something that not all of us have.

But you's how.
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Is your glass half full or half empty? Is your mind and thought process holding you back from your full potential? Can positive thinking make you successful?

These are question’s every person should ask themselves as they embark on a new year, set goals and learn to live in a very different environment. The world is not how it use to be and that is a fact, but how are you going to adapt, cope and live your best life?

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My new year’s resolution was simple: have rich conversations (and achieve my goals). Every year I have a theme and this year is conversation. Being as busy as I am on a day-to-day basis, somehow in between the isolation of COVID and the effect it had on both my business and mental health, I forgot about the importance of conversation. 

As 31st December ticked over into the new year, I asked myself, “What is the big f***ing deal?” 

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