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April 2021 - Marketing Eye

One of the biggest conundrums entrepreneurs and business leaders have with their employees is helping them focus their efforts on ‘thinking outside the box’.

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I don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day has crept up really fast and without even realising it, I don’t have a gift.

In a panic, I googled ‘best Mother’s Day gifts’ and to my shock (and horror), there was nothing interesting that would show my mother just how much she means to me.

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 There are stretches of time throughout your career where you might find yourself being significantly busier than you are used to. Sometimes these periods of time come and go in a natural rhythm, so much so that you could eventually get used to it, however that is not always the case. It can often be that once you land in an unexpectedly busy time, it remains that way for so long that you begin to wonder if this is the new normal, looking forward to when everything quietens down again so you can get back to doing whatever you like to do for fun.
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For years, I kept my business strategy in my head. It was a reliable place to keep it, or at least I thought. My memory is fairly decent when it comes to things that matter and reaching my business goals – matters. 

With our marketing plan, that was another story. Writing it down is what we do, and we know that it is the only way to achieve marketing goals, aligning the sales function with marketing tactics that derive results.

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“Marketing’s job is never done. It is about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

It’s common knowledge that internships are an essential rite of passage for any professional looking to go somewhere in their career. Most students understand the value of getting into a good internship program and its benefit towards understanding where your interests lie and securing your dream role.

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Friday, 09 April 2021 13:58

Why your Business should use Twitter!

Twitter is often the forgotten social media platform and it’s the most important one. Twitter has 6,000 Tweets every second which reflects how active users are on Twitter and why your business should make an account today (if you don’t already have one).

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With competition in the job market rising every day, the value of getting experience in the industry has never been more crucial to a marketer’s career. Learning from textbooks and reciting endless amounts of theory is all well and good, but working in a team and under pressure for real-life clients is a very different deal.

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It’s been one month since I’ve entered the marketing industry as a Marketing Graduate. Overwhelmed is the frequent feeling of the day, but excitement is what’s keeping me going.  I will be honest; my marketing degree was a breeze in comparison to my first few weeks as a Graduate. Yes, difficult in some respects (namely group projects and catching peak hour public transport), however, learning on paper the aspects of marketing and its cultural influence meant that completing the work was far more above the surface than I had realised.

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