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Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) is a form of digital marketing that is implemented by many companies to aid in the promotion of their brand and products to potential customers groups, aiming to build customer relationships, generate leads and increase sales. Email marketing has had such a strong influence on marketing strategies with EDM’s generating 174% more conversations then social media. “What’s the difference between EDM and email marketing”, you may ask. EDM marketing strategies don't only solely focus on email, but rather cover many other angles of marketing. An EDM marketing strategy is more comprehensive, it integrates various forms of media and strategies including social media, offline advertising, pay-per-click advertising and more.

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When it comes to brand recognition and fostering an engaging and innovative brand image, Apple Inc. is one business by which all others should be measured.

Before you go about measuring yourself, however, ask what strategies did Apple use to build their brand and stock so high and what lessons can we learn from them?

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When was the last time your small business marketing company walked you through the Google Analytics for your small business website?